"Ascension mod" or: "Winning DDA: the mod"

Sorry, sorry, just… my god not having any turrets spawn on ANY of your vehicles, even the debug-spawned ones, is mind-rending.

sorry lads I’m waiting for the big PK update before I do anything

bully. i guess i have to get into it.

ivebugfixed the unofficial patch in already . . .

? No you haven’t, at least on github.

hmmmm? Ive added the mods, mutations, harvesting, and a few items. As well as the nerfs

Sure, I can wait. seems PK’s new update is gonna be a big one.

Just so I’m clear, the moss covered relics are found in Strange Temples, right?

Removing Blazemod_A fixes the Turret Issue, and doesn’t seem to affect the rest of Modpack as long as you the original Blazemod.

EDIT: Fixed a spelling error.

The new update seems to have borked all of the arcana mods? Even looking at my magic based items crashes the game. The error line says that most of the arcana items are missing descriptions

Edit: Nevermind, the updater just didn’t copy over the mod file is all


also new pk update so expect a new version soonish
also waiting for the unofficial pk branch to update

What do I need to do to start building a blob vehicle? I have Cooking 8, Fabrication 7, and Lab Journal-Herrera which says one of its recipes is “growing blob” but I cannot find any relevant recipes in my crafting menu.

Is it possible to use Blazemod from this version without using the actual Ascensions mod?


It’s booklocked within the main mutagen book because of how overpowered it is.
The fact it’s in herrera is most likely a pre-nerf bug, I’ll look into it.

I’m pretty damn sure that is a recipe for gamebreaking bugs. They only reason I couldn’t make all ascension mods inter-dependent is that the game would go into a loop about which mod it needed to load first, since every one needed the other to work.

Yea, just use blazemod if you want just blazemod. Update the mod or something. Using a integrated mod that has been un-intregrated is a recipe for issues.

My bad, I meant it’s in Chemical Reference-CLASSIFIED, not Herrera. I trained Cooking to 9 and now I see the Growing Blob recipe, although it still says it only requires Cooking 8 and has a difficulty of 9.

Can we get a guide to the Ascension Blobcar?

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The More Locations mod doesn’t seem to be in the bundle.

Is blob feed still a thing? I can’t find a recipe for it and when I did the slime pit slime to blob feed construction, it created blob globs instead. How will I fuel a blob car? Also, gelatinous masses can only be loaded with one type of “meat” item at a time, so for example if I feed it bones it won’t take chunks of meat.

Nevermind on blob feed, noticed amorphous hearts run on electricity now. Do you think you could add a blob variant of wheelchair wheels so I can use them for single tile vehicles?

I see, I see. I’ll add that to the list of things to look into.

blob car gud
it run on electricity
you make many sparkler and it go vroom vroom
infinite storage inifnite electricity infinite everything
go very fast
slap blobrollers on blobcar
steamroll literally everything in the blobworld
pretty gud car
just disassemble the gelatinous masses for free forever to duplicate them
the what bundle? The mod bundle? I know I said I’d delete the dependency because it clashes with PK and whatnot but I haven’t pushed the update yet so it should really be there unless something fucky happened with mainline and they deleted it

Sure, why not.