"Ascension mod" or: "Winning DDA: the mod"



Ant queen eggs aren’t dropping from ant queens, even though the json says they should be with a 100% probability. Instead, I get a few normal ant eggs, which aren’t usable in the altar recipe.


Tested: Killing them in debug mode drops the egg (see first picture)

, but killing them little by little does not (see second picture)! That explains why it didn’t show up until someone actually came and tried to kill the thing by hand.
I think what might be happening here is that pesky turn-into-other-monter-when-monster-has-taken-enough-damage function I’ve tried to eradicate so throughly in PK has somehow managed to climb back in when I updated the game with the unofficial patches, without deleting that line again.
This will also mean that jabberwocks will not drop their skulls on death too (tested, oh no, that really proves it!).

Pipin’ hot fix straight from the keyboard coming right up.

I’ll also take the time to update to pk rebalance 4.h while I’m at it, I was still on .g and didn’t want to deal with a new release until .I but this is a bug and it must be fixed.


While I’m here, what would be the more or less “standard” order in which to approach the various new locations? Today I took out one of those ruins, but I’m not sure what to hit next.


Good question: I’m also thinking of adding a “strange map” to any of the arcana locations, considering how they’re usually hard to find and flesh out the rewards a bit more (mostly books and other magical items) considering just how powerful the monsters are with PK enabled (last time I got near one I saw a bloody shoggoth, I’m removing that one from the premises, nobody should ever encounter a PK shoggoth in the overworld)

I usually start with the strange grove by torching it from afar before even getting near, then use the map inside to try and raid all the ruins for their sweet books. I’m not particularly interested in the arcana drops other than the most mundane ones I can fabricate myself like the hammer of the and other junk, but some of the endgame ones like the restored ritual blade are really nifty. For most of the time, I try to simply get in and out as fast as I can to grab the books I’ll need.

If you mean in general, the best way to go is jabberwock(x2), then megabear, then fungal, then ant, then triffid, then blob (don’t try to kill the shoggoths) and only finally once you know you can take a couple plasma rockets to the face if you aren’t fast enough: Spider Mastermind.
Blob is particularly nasty, but there’s a hidden reward in the slime if you manage to find it that is on-par with the spider mastermind treasure.

Anyway, back to work work work.


Shoggoths are puddy tats if you don’t let them catch you. Run off into the forest and you can handle two in your first week. I sure did. Even if it was terrifying. Hell, lead them into a zombie infested city and watch them clear it for you.

So I have to kill all those things? Sounds like fun on a bun, but I’m gonna need a better stabber. Do you have any advice for the slimes? The couple of times I’ve gone down there I just get swamped until I trudge my way back out and slowly kill the stragglers.

If your stuff only comes from killing things in those areas, what’s this Silver Glyph thing for? Is that from Arcana? I couldn’t find anything on it in the Arcana thread, so I assumed it was yours…

Oh yeah, and keep up the awesome work!


Explosives. Lots of them. Works with fungal towers too, if you manage to find a mininuke launcher, which is apparently capable of also throwing some of the explosive charges reserved only for blazemod’s turrets, you’re basically not gonna need to bother about overmap monsters anymore.

About the glyph: no, it’s Arcana and it’s the base of other more powerful glyphs you can get through books, I think.


Oh cool. I guess I’ll just… hang onto it then.


New release: Carthago

-All boss monsters have been playtested both with real fights and debug and they always drop their quest item.
-Removed triffid queens and treunt ability to create forest around them, leading to bugs like impossibility to move your car and destroy the offending trees if it got stuck in its wake or destruction of stairs with the impossibility to bring them back, plus weird mapgen fuckery when spawned undeground destroying everything.
-buffed arcana drops (mainly books)
-Strange grove and another arcana location have a guaranteed map that will show you all arcana-related locations now!
-PK unofficial updated to .H
-misc bugfixes.


You still haven’t fixed it. Also you broke PKs evolution lines by overwriting an entire file with one of your previous broken ones instead of doing a simple line change.

False. At this point you haven’t had a single release that’s been updated properly, and if it were up to me you’d have zero business spreading it as you’re simply misleading players.

Also you should probably ask chaosvolt for permission to redistribute and refork his mod as he seems to be still maintaining it. I don’t even understand why you’re reforking to begin with when any changes you wanna make to arcana, blazemod or PKR you could do in ascension as long as it’s loaded last. If you’re going to be stealing other peoples work then at least have the common courtesy of not butchering it in the process.

Permission to fork

I did? I didn’t know, the evolutions playtests fine, as long as nothing breaks in the process it just werks. If something happens, I’ll look into it with your next release.

Anyway I can understand you’re reasonably upset because I’m basically butchering your PK edit, but I mean, I did credit you. You’re there in the OP my man. Sure, it’s not actually the -h, I’m forking your fork and grabbing the stuff that doesn’t break things to unbreak the other things and I do admit that I break things sometimes because I’m not completely sure of what I’m doing.
If you don’t want to be associated with this it’s cool my brother, you say the word and your name’s off from the OP, but I won’t stop taking your fixes and adapting them for the mod, that would be silly. You’re doing a pretty great job considering the mod’s completely dead and you’re the only competent coder who thought “hey, let’s fix this mess that dude left”.

Anyway I hope we cool my dude, love your work. Literally couldn’t get anything done without it. Shame we don’t get along on the same foot here, but I can totally understand.



Love PKR, I can’t play DDA without it and I totally can’t thank you enough tech for maintaining it. Also very much love the idea of Ascension Mod, so I really hope we can all work together and make everything properly working together.

Here is to you guys and all the hard working mod developers who make DDA even better!


Newest experimental added vehicle turret mounts to the game, which might require some rejiggering of Blazemod. Just a heads up.


For some reason, my Mininuke Launchers won’t actually accept Modified Mininukes: They only use “Heavy Projectiles” like rocks for some odd reason. Don’t know if it’s from one of the mods in this modpack or not.


My experience with blazemod’s turrets is that they just don’t work for the most part, if shit hits the fan I’ll probably just blacklist the things until someone comes and unfucks them.

Yeah that’s one of the many weird bullshit interactions that come with blazemod’s turrets, that thing really needs an update.
I’ll cook something up.


I’ve never had a problem, but I pretty much exclusively just use lasers in my turrets, so that’s probably why.


Last world I was in I tried working something out with ballistas and heavy crossbow turrets. Turns out that more than a quarter of the manual turrets have problems like either you can’t craft the main ammo source or you can’t craft the actual weapon that can be added as the turret or you can craft the thing and the ammo, but you can’t fire the turret manually or the turret cannot be loaded or a mix of these four. And if that’s not a big enough bug, as psyxypher said sometimes some guns can’t be used because of the ammo changes. Hell, rocks always count as ammo. Sometimes meat too, depending on how you load your mods. Thing’s fucked six ways to sunday.

Back in ye olde blazemode amorphous hearts used to be able to automatically shoot any targets on sight with a water-based cannon you had to reload manually (it didn’t make use of the car’s internal tanks) and that it created a huge explosion, usually destroying the car in the process.

Fun times.

Reading around from the forums I’m seeing a trend for turrets being really wonky, so fixing what I can with the new turret system and blacklisting the rest will become a top priority with the new release.


Speaking of laser turrets, could we get the turbolaser cannon’s damage buffed? Apparently it’s explosive so I assume that does more damage, but it doesn’t make sense that the shot itself is actually less powerful than the normal laser cannon’s.


Vortex Generator only accepts water that’s outside a container. So you need to debug the item into your inventory in order to fill it…


Or pour it on the ground/drive near a body of water.


Not working at all. I tried both.