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Topic Replies Activity
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Magiclysm: A Total Fantasy Overhaul 325 April 7, 2020
Risky manually removing bionics without a autodoc and/or kits 11 April 7, 2020
Community Question 10 April 7, 2020
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Once Z levels get fully implemented, could we make multi layer vehicles? 23 April 7, 2020
Some ideas for Random Events 2 April 7, 2020
The dark days ahead 6 April 7, 2020
What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2! 2491 April 7, 2020
"You Have No Face" Morale - Cant Talk & Cant Yell 6 April 7, 2020
An Idea about Tires 3 April 7, 2020
Oh my god, she's wearing THAT?! 27 April 7, 2020
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Miscellaneous Magiclysm Expansions 36 April 6, 2020
Mods Unleashed Compilation for E. V 0.9a 2 more fonts (updated link now) 87 April 6, 2020
Collapse beneath: Mod that makes the underground interesting 13 April 6, 2020
Can't stash PF9 magazine in ankle pouch 2 April 6, 2020
Anyone remember animated 3D tileset for Nethack? 11 April 6, 2020
Can zombies spawn with wander spawns on if there's not a horde marker on the map? 4 April 6, 2020
Cataclysm++ Mod 689 April 6, 2020
Way of solving excessive damage of new turrets - just replace ammo type 16 April 6, 2020