Ban appeal maybe please?

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but can one appeal a ban? It was 2-4 years ago (about 4 for git, 2 for discord). Reasons respectively were not using the issue templates proper on github (totally fair), and arguing in bad faith on discord. For the latter, in my defense I was flipping between Discord’s many channels so ended up forgetting what the discussion was originally about, which I believe was interpreted as arguing in bad faith…at least I think. I didn’t actually realize I was banned until after I tried to log onto discord a few days later so I was never actually saw any ban message or moderator DM. I only found out second-hand from another user so I could be misunderstanding. (User name is regularitee on both platforms if you want to dig through the logs to verify my claims.)

Anyway, since then I’ve been bouncing around various modding and game-dev communities like Rimworld, Dwarf Fortress, fixing stuff and working on various game mods. I like tinkering and improving things I play, what can I say. I recently picked up CDDA again and I’ve been trying to update/translate older mods that were abandoned but found progress getting completely stonewalled by the fact many variables are completely unrecognized by the latest experimental version of the jsons. Obviously it would be a great boon to be able to ask cdda devs and modders questions directly about changes to variables rather than trying to self-teach by reverse engineering game code or reading thousands of change log tickets. And for what it’s worth I think I’ve matured somewhat since I was booted out, though obviously I’m not the most objective source. But I did take my punishment with grace rather than try to create alternative accounts or badger mods, if that’s any evidence of my claim.

So just thought I’d ask if I could be given another chance and get back into modding and developing for CDDA like I do most of my other favourite games. I’m hoping that my offenses were mild enough that being banned for a few years could be considered punishment enough. I figure there’d be no harm in at least asking, right?

Are you certain you were banned from discord? I don’t see anything about it in the mod log

Edit: it looks like you were probably active before the development discord started, so you’re not banned there if that’s the case. Come on over and discuss your GitHub ban. Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

Any attempts to follow discord invites ends in an “Unable to accept invite” error message that I’ve never seen with any other discord server. Even trying the one you just posted there. I’m assuming that means a ban because it’s specific to that server only, though I don’t know if bans are supposed to display something else since I’ve never been banned from any other discord server before.

we can’t find any record of anyone with the name ‘regularitee’ on the official dda dev discord server, let alone a ban.

just to be clear, the correct invite link is:

Oh, I completely forgot about Discord’s mandatory name restructuring a while ago, where everyone had to drop their name#1234 handle for an actually unique name. Try and see if Regularity would bring up any hits.

Three-week bump? If the answer is no that’s okay, but an answer would be appreciated.

Not to rush you guys, but it’s been another 8 months. Any chance of a response?

it’s difficult to track someone down without a clear username (“regularity” is a common word). If you’re still using that discord account I’d suggest heading over to the community discord.

if you’re active on commcord and getting along well, then it’d be pretty easy to consider a ban appeal, we share a lot of moderators.