Why isn't the tiles square?

I figure that this was suggested a thousand and one times already, so I won’t bother suggesting it, but I am still wondering why everything is a rectangle.

I… don’t think they are. They aren’t in game (granted i’m definitely not the guy to ask when it comes to minute differences), and all the tiles follow the standard 2^a power rule for opengl.

Did you resize your game window without paying attention?

If you’re using curses, you need to set a square font. If you’re using tiles, it should be square already, none of the tilesets are rectangular that I know of.

I am using windows console, how do I set a square font?

I haven’t messed with it much, here’s some reading material: http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=269.msg2493#msg2493