Square fonts/tiles? Item limit per square?

Hey there. I have 2 quick questions:

1.Is there a way to manipulate the FONTDATA file in order to obtain square tiles?
I’d like my vehicles to have the same width, both when going horizontally and vertically on the map.

2.Is there an Item limit per square? (As in Unreal World, for instance, having more than a couple of hundred items on a map area will corrupt the saves)
So, should I haul away/burn some items, or can I store a whole town’s worth of trash in my basement?


Simply make the two numbers in FONTDATA the same?
Kinda a no-brainer there, especially if you tried it.
It does require an ASCII-friendly font though, one that will scale to those dimensions, otherwise you’ll end up with either chopped off bottoms, or extra wide spaces between characters.
Guess and Check.

Other than the 26 in one tile? Not that I’ve ever noticed, and I horde pretty badly sometimes.
If there is, it’s probably near or above the thousand items mark.

Did try it, in multiple ways, with quite a few fonts and I’m not getting any positive results.
The fonts are either chopped off or the spacing between tiles gets HUGE.

Maybe someone has solved this already.

What numbers are you trying?
Generally, the numbers that would’ve been used to get square tiles back when these fonts were made would be somewhere around 8-12

Quick checking turns up Terminal 8-12 are acceptable. As is Tiny Fonts 7-10.


I’m Dyslexic, and this ain’t easy.

Terminus 8-12 does look acceptable, however, the playing window is tiny.
Now, I want to enlarge the window, while keeping the same proportions.

12/8=1.5 and I’m assuming this is the ratio. (Is it? To hell with math)

Thus 12/18 has the same ratio… yet the spacing between the tiles is huge now, and I’m assuming these values refer only to the spacing itself, and not to the font size.

At this point I have 2 options:
-Lower display resolution to 640x480 (ew)
-Or. Um. I don’t know.

Host it as a server and connect via putty, since putty can go fullscreen and has a lot of config options? (is that even possible?)
Fumble with fonts hoping others have a larger default size?
Is there a value for font size?

I sprained my brain.

some research on terminal fonts would help you.

btw, that 8-12 was referring to 8x8-12x12, (i.e. 8x,9x…) not 8x12 or however you seem to have interpreted it.
Somehow, you swapped the small and larger number in your comparison, so I don’t know what you were doing there, but it wasn’t the intended result I aimed at.

Also, you want to work with doubles when it comes to scaling, if appearance is what’s important to you, but it’s just a guideline.