Rogue Font (Square 10x10)

I made this font for purely selfish reasons…

1.) I wanted a square area to be square, not a rectangle.
2.) I was having a glitch using tiles that was causing some of my best survival attempts to end in horrible car crashes.
3.) I couldn’t bear using the default (rectangular) terminus.
4.) I didn’t want to use Topaz-8 (too small and messy).


I would love feedback! I hope you all enjoy!

Don’t mind duplicates for the moment, some have informed me that my image host is poor, so I am trying another.

Well, maybe it is very good font, but I can’t download it. Possiby no one can.
It is not accessible. Maybe you should upload it somewhere else.

That’s strange I was able to download it perfectly well last month. I still have the original file and have been enjoying it so far. There are some wonky bits of the display but it was easy to infer what the normal symbol was.

That's strange I was able to download it perfectly well last month. I still have the original file and have been enjoying it so far. There are some wonky bits of the display but it was easy to infer what the normal symbol was.
Could you reupload it, please. I want check it too. Looks nice by screenshots.

Sorry about that gents, the link should work now. Apparently the file has to be reuploaded every once and a while. I would have an updated cleaner version for you… but making fonts is way beyond me. If anyone is a skilled font maker I could use a tutorial or two… I have a 16x16 version as well… but I have not been able to duplicate my success in creating a font :confused: so until then we just have the old file to work with.

Thank you.
Well. I don’t know a lot about creating fonts too. But I comdined some fonts for myself. Check my expriments. Maybe you find it useful:

[center][size=12pt]Converting tilesets to font is easy![/size][/center]
Are you the same Rogue Yun from Dwarf Fortress? Converting the png to font is easy with this script I wrote. There is another version that is faster (can use multiple cores) and handles non-square fonts but it has some issues need to be resolved this is my first version and it works.

Monochrome tilesets are better dithering is planned as is support for grayscale. For now edit the image if you have one you like but is greyscale.

Requires; ImageMagick ( and Potrace ( and FontForge ( and any dependencies. Those are all available for Windows but you’ll need a batch rename tool to change the names to unicode.

Save the code as .sh, edit the file to match your tileset size/name and run the .sh



The script; splits the tileset into the 256 tiles, resizes, converts to monochrome (has default dithering),

upscales again (gives a sharp pixelated look to the svg),changes format

png->bmp, uses potrace to create svg from bmp, and finally renames them to the

unicode string that FontForge needs for its svg template import.

Script requires;

ImageMagick (

Potrace (

FontForge (

Replace for your tilset

SETNAME=sm16x16 #Name of your tileset to be converted (leave off the png extension)
TILESET=~/Downloads/$SETNAME.png #Where tilset you want to convert lives
TILESIZE=“16x16” #Tile size of the tileset; 10x10, 12x12, 15x15, 16x16, 18x18,…
SCALEUP=“400%” #Changes how transparent pixels are converted to monochrome (dithering sorta…)
FINALRES=“800x800” #Final resolution should be ~80% font em size (approx 1000x1000) and a factor of tilesize
IMGOUTPUT=/tmp/Font/$SETNAME #/tmp is deleted on reboot if you want to keep the png/bmp change this dir
SVGOUTPUT=~/cataclysmddaFont/$SETNAME #svg output to be imported to FontForge

mkdir -p $IMGOUTPUT
mkdir -p $SVGOUTPUT

#ImageMagick and Potrace convert the image into a pixel svg
convert -crop $TILESIZE +repage $TILESET $IMGOUTPUT/tile%01d.png
mogrify -scale $SCALEUP tile*.png
mogrify -negate tile*.png
mogrify -monochrome tile*.png
mogrify -scale $FINALRES tile*.png
mogrify -format bmp tile*.png
potrace -s --flat $IMGOUTPUT/tile*.bmp

Loop to rename the tile placeholder names to the unicode string used in the FontForge svg template import

for uni in uni0000 uni263A uni263B uni2665 uni2666 uni2663 uni2660 uni2022 uni25D8 uni25CB uni25D9 uni2642 uni2640 uni266A uni266B uni263C uni25BA uni25C4 uni2195 uni203C uni00B6 uni00A7 uni25AC uni21A8 uni2191 uni2193 uni2192 uni2190 uni221F uni2194 uni25B2 uni25BC uni0020 uni0021 uni0022 uni0023 uni0024 uni0025 uni0026 uni0027 uni0028 uni0029 uni002A uni002B uni002C uni002D uni002E uni002F uni0030 uni0031 uni0032 uni0033 uni0034 uni0035 uni0036 uni0037 uni0038 uni0039 uni003A uni003B uni003C uni003D uni003E uni003F uni0040 uni0041 uni0042 uni0043 uni0044 uni0045 uni0046 uni0047 uni0048 uni0049 uni004A uni004B uni004C uni004D uni004E uni004F uni0050 uni0051 uni0052 uni0053 uni0054 uni0055 uni0056 uni0057 uni0058 uni0059 uni005A uni005B uni005C uni005D uni005E uni005F uni0060 uni0061 uni0062 uni0063 uni0064 uni0065 uni0066 uni0067 uni0068 uni0069 uni006A uni006B uni006C uni006D uni006E uni006F uni0070 uni0071 uni0072 uni0073 uni0074 uni0075 uni0076 uni0077 uni0078 uni0079 uni007A uni007B uni007C uni007D uni007E uni2302 uni00C7 uni00FC uni00E9 uni00E2 uni00E4 uni00E0 uni00E5 uni00E7 uni00EA uni00EB uni00E8 uni00EF uni00EE uni00EC uni00C4 uni00C5 uni00C9 uni00E6 uni00C6 uni00F4 uni00F6 uni00F2 uni00FB uni00F9 uni00FF uni00D6 uni00DC uni00A2 uni00A3 uni00A5 uni20A7 uni0192 uni00E1 uni00ED uni00F3 uni00FA uni00F1 uni00D1 uni00AA uni00BA uni00BF uni2310 uni00AC uni00BD uni00BC uni00A1 uni00AB uni00BB uni2591 uni2592 uni2593 uni2502 uni2524 uni2561 uni2562 uni2556 uni2555 uni2563 uni2551 uni2557 uni255D uni255C uni255B uni2510 uni2514 uni2534 uni252C uni251C uni2500 uni253C uni255E uni255F uni255A uni2554 uni2569 uni2566 uni2560 uni2550 uni256C uni2567 uni2568 uni2564 uni2565 uni2559 uni2558 uni2552 uni2553 uni256B uni256A uni2518 uni250C uni2588 uni2584 uni258C uni2590 uni2580 uni03B1 uni00DF uni0393 uni03C0 uni03A3 uni03C3 uni00B5 uni03C4 uni03A6 uni0398 uni03A9 uni03B4 uni221E uni03C6 uni03B5 uni2229 uni2261 uni00B1 uni2265 uni2264 uni2320 uni2321 uni00F7 uni2248 uni00B0 uni2219 uni00B7 uni221A uni207F uni00B2 uni25A0 uni00A0
mv -v “$IMGOUTPUT/tile$((i++)).svg” “$SVGOUTPUT/$uni.svg” #rename the slot to unicode


After the script has finished there are a few more manual steps (that I might automate in the future);

[ul][li]Open FontForge, open the font.ttf in DFs art directory. Ctrl+A and clear/delete the default glyphs we are using this as a template[/li]
[li]File/Import (Ctrl+Shift+I), Format: SVG template, find your svg tiles, select all of them and Import[/li]
[li]Elements/Font Info (Ctrl+Shift+F) change the PS Names to the Font name and Under General change the em size to the multiple for your tile size[/li]
[li]File/Generate Fonts…(Ctrl+Shift+G) select TrueType or the type of font you need and Generate it![/li]
[li]Google search how to add fonts for your system[/li]
[li]Enjoy the pixel-y fonts[/li][/ul]

[center][size=12pt]Terminal Screenshots (Simple Mood 16x16 based font) fuzzy cause of compression[/size]