Is there an option to make the tileset display window non-square?

Im running Windows Tiles Experimental Build 0.9-814-gde9bdf9.

My question is related to how tiles are displayed. I run cataclysm in a window thats ~1920x1080, but when i use tiles there are significant portions to the left of the ‘world’ and to the right of the ‘event log’ which are black bordered. Its almost as if the game is being forced into 4:3 mode instead of a mode determined by the size of your window/viewport settings. When viewing the map, it displays data all the way to the edges, but when actually playing the game the world and the interface seem to be centered in the middle of the display.

Is there an option to change this behavior so that the world is 10-20 tiles wider? (Thus increasing visibility in tiles mode?)

Here is a picture that shows the ‘problem’ in better detail.

With the old curses builds of 0.7 or so (and possibly the new ones) you could make the main display area take up the entire screen. This seems to have been changed for the tiles version as far as i can tell. Even with tilesets turned off the main game world still crams itself into a 4:3 area centered inside the cataclysm window.