What are some bionics you've always wanted to see?

Tanks! =)

My brain gets a lil fuzzy and today isn’t my finest.

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Basically a system that make you walk on your toes exclusively cutting the noise in half,stacks with other bionics

Another one is an HUD system that gives a bonus to all stats that don’t really on physical capabilities,gives you the ability to remotely use cameras on vehicles and see what robots/turret companions see, giving a bonus to ranged weapons

Momocelular claws, basically your nails are substituted by mini momocelular blades

An integrated graphing hook

Built in E-Ink tablet PC

And a CBM that constantly gives you pleasure/happiness in trade of power (getting wet leves of buff) but can get you extremely addicted

Mutation-bionic interaction.

Some kind of electric eel mutation that allows you to shock things on touch. A modified battery bionic that recharges bionic power from the eel mutation at the cost of some hunger/thirst/stamina.

Stimulated mutations. Mutation makes your body do X in partially controlled fashion. Add a controller bionic to give better control of this new ability. Acid spitting or something.

Medical/food injector. Load the bionic with food paste, meds and water. It will inject them automatically as needed. You can finally be a walking killing machine that needs no pauses.

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  1. Forcefield cbm?
  2. Metabolic Interchange?
  3. Acid mutation + Controlled Vomitting?
  4. That would be cool with the Aftershock mod, could probably load it with nutriment water

I think the RM-13 aredly has an built in force field

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That too, that combat armor is OP, but I haven’t tried the heavy combat armor yet…

A freaking minesweeper cbm that marks every single mine within LOS. I can handle getting my legs chopped off by a bear trap cuz i dared to step into a pizza parlor but i seriously hate land mines. I swear like 60% of my deaths are cuz i bumble into one at night or check out that stupid building in the woods lol.

Maybe like a super short term invulnerability field. Make it take a ton of juice and last maybe 5 ticks or something but itd make a great oh shit button for when you run into a grenadier or something. Or maybe you feel like setting a mini nuke or dropping a grenade at your feet as an insurance policy.

Maybe a limb regeneration cbm too that cuts the regen time way down but makes you eat like 5x as much.

Think someone mentioned like an integrated medical system or something. Like where if you get below a certain hp level it autodoses you with pain killers and adrenaline and a medical ampuole but you have to prime it before you fight so you cant just spam it.

Moose repellant cbm. Nuff said lol.

Honestly just any animal repellant cbm. Itd be nice to move from point a to b or work around the base without wading through coyotes, dogs, wolves, moose (meese?) and bears. I know they are part of the danger but itd be nice to be able to ignore them sometimes. Obv itd do nothing for anything else like triffids or fungus or zombies etc.

Maybe a suspended animation cbm. Sort of like the cybernetic version of the hibernation perk. You can enter suspended animation where you can use way less food and water and are much more resistant to temperature but your senses are shut off too and you can take a lot more damage before waking up. It could balance out the high needs mutation lines like beast or slime a bit so you can sleep without waking up starved or dehydrated.


I think, an an automatic cbm reloader would be cool, something like… you need connect an thing to your hand (like robocop basicaly) then your weapon (mostly for bolt action and shotgun, revolvers) will be reloaded automaticaly. (Yep, we everyone hate pressin r 8 freakin times)


I think the futuristic guns has something like this, autoloader mags I think it’s called, and doesn’t require anytime to reload your weapon

  1. You could alternatively use a flashlight/headlamp and flash it every so often to look for minefield sign.
  2. Heavy Power armor? Jk, this sounds pretty cool, maybe 500 p/u like the probability drive and quantum tunneler.
  3. You could alternitively just use “C” to scream, which will scare the moose, this alternitevly could work with most animals, otherwise just drop a chunk of meat every so often so the animal takes less interest in you.
  4. Idk, sounds pretty cool, but it doesn’t really make sense for being any use pre-cataclysm…

Something that gives you minus encumbrance (-5?) at low-ish power cost. Something like… uhhh… skin with air/gas ventilation. Just pulling stuff out of my rear here but the theory would be that you vent SOMETHING out of your skin to give you more room to move under whatever you may be wearing. Probably best to limit it to body parts. Torso, arms and legs. All separate CBMs.
Could have a slight stamina penalty.

Basically something to help you out when there’s no time to be fumbling with gear. No effect if you have no encumbrance.

Personally, I enjoy the realistic reloading.

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Well yea i could just check for the signs. I can admit to a certain amount of laziness on my part but sometimes i actually want to go into a place with mines. Theres a few interesting locations that have them and having a cybernetic option to guarantee trap detection would be nice.

I mean sure theres plenty of low tech options you could do instead. Like i can wear three blankets or some thermal electric suits when im freezing way down in a lab instead of using climate control but the point of cbms is to make it so i dont have to.

As for the suspended animation i can think of a ton of pre-cataclysm uses for this. Say a mineshaft collapses, or a nuclear bomb goes off and you happen to survive. You can suspend yourself until help arrives. Basically any disaster survival scenario really.

Like when a hurricane wipes out a town. Most people dont die in the storm itself. They die after cuz they have no clean water, food, shelter or proper medical care.

Reminds me of something from Trigun, later on in the series Vash gets his gear replaced with an upgraded set, part of it looks and acts like a hydraulic/springloaded speedloader tube built into his coat.

Speaking of Trigun, I wouldn’t mind seeing a CBM that replaces an arm that works like Vash’s one with a gun built into the forearm that either folds out for use or has the the hand fold under to a grip/trigger set



I’ve upgraded Terranian Sonar CBM to detect mines. Enjoy (when it gets merged).

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You mean THIS?

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Mmmm, interesting, It’s definitely in the same vein and something I’ll want to give a try. Vash has a pistol at first (I think) and after that arm gets trashed he upgrades to a submachine gun so it’s similar but not exactly the same. I can’t imagine a sub machine gun being allowed but do you think a 9x19mm/.22 pistol would be possible/be balanced?

Was just poking around in the files and I think I’ve found the relative JSON files, three seperate enteries in the bionics, bionics (items) and bio (weapon) files?

Would you mind too much if I did some experimenting with pistols? I’d like to see what is possible but I’d basically be ripping off your code and editing it.

Yes it would be balanced, but you’d have to consider ammo capacity constraints when developing the "fake"gun for the CBM. There is not much space in a forearm to fit a large magazine, but integrated low capacity round mag might fit, especially for the small .22 cartridge.

And I don’t mind. I rip chunks of code all the time.

I was considering making it have an “intergrated magazine” with the trade off being reload time, basically making it impractical to reload in combat but I’m not sure if that is possible yet, I’ve just started a bit of editing to see what works. I’ve never modded guns before so it’s trail and error stuff at the mo.