What are some bionics you've always wanted to see?


The title says all. I was brainstorming lately for ideas for a mod I work, and I was curious what the community thought as well.

I’ve personally wanted a bionic that enhanced your natural night sight with built-in light amplifiers, which would allow you to read and craft in the dark, as well as increasing your night vision for a few tiles like the Night Vision trait.


(I don’t have a lot of experience with mid-game to late-game cbm"ing", so sorry if something like this is in the game).
More implanted weaponry, such as integrated LMG/HMG, maybe a FPS too, would be great for going into a burning building, and maybe something to just give a buff to basic stats. (Saying that maybe you could add a system like bionic memories of someone’s profession, so you can learn a skill or skills from that cbm). Maybe even a APS (Acid Protection System) cbm, (Maybe active protection system, but that would be hard to code…)


Gun holster CBM like old school RoboCop


Definitetly more weapons, a digger system that lets you burrow like a rat mutant can, A breathing system to breath under water, a hacking cbm, a proper BIG flamerthrower, Some less whimpy but more restrictive armor CBM’s, a way to essentially give up things like eating and drinking and surviving purely on power.


I’d like to see some sort of motion tracker that can keep track of nearby zombie positions through walls and such. Another idea is to have an integrated set of ropes to keep yourself safe from falls


Reverse “Torsion Ratchet CBM” - instead of giving you energy from dampened movement, it’d use energy to power up servomotors at your leg joints, and you could run faster at the expanse of energy. Activated CBM. Basically a powered leg endoskeleton.


Tazer knuckles, when you bare fist an enemy it will do a small amount of shock dmg and stun the enemy.


The skul-gun (from Deus Ex), an integrated kitchen set (ex. hotplate and pot functions), a dopamine released, and an integrated welder (for weapon and tool repairs). Also, how about a third arm CBM that increases encumbrance somewhere and decreases speed (the human brain doesn’t normally process having another limb), but gives an extra attack and decreases crafting time (also counting as an NPC when batch crafting) and allows Fusion Blaster users to get their hand back.


emergency response system - when a vital body part reaches 0 gives you temporary health and then coils down to 10-20 hp


Kind of on the opposite end of things. I would like to see telekinesis as a mutation. Kinda like the magnetic cbm that lets you grab metallic stuff from a distance.


A CBM that lets you sate caloric needs with bionic power would be really cyborg-ish (would still need vitamin pills tho).


Already exists, I have it installed in my lategame character.


I think they already have something like this. (I meant the ropes thingy for falls.)


The integrated tool-set already has a welder, but the other ideas are awesome.


Unfortunately, I believe this is on the list of things Kevin has said absolutely won’t ever happen.


Invisibility Suit CBM. Thing which eats A LOT of energy, consequently, player would use it only for a very short time


Invisibility exists, costs 50 power per turn.


Oo thank you for your answer


I would like to implement Taste Receptors Blocker CBM. This thing will block character’s taste receptors on will, so that will make it possible for him to neglect negative enjoyability from food.


Skillwires would be cool. Anybody who has played any Shadowrun knows what I’m talking about. Wire up your CNS and be able to slot in chips with different skills, as necessary. For the purposes of balance in Cataclysm, since Cataclysm isn’t Shadowrun, I’d say maybe make the skillsofts themselves a one-shot booster of some number of skill points.

Honestly, with how easy it is to raise skills naturally in Cataclysm, this is probably an irrelevant idea, but it might be nifty for anybody playing a Savant character.