Spitball Ideas For Cbms

What im Thinking about is stuff like:
-More Cbm Melee Choices(spear,Knife,axe,etc.)
-Remove All Traces of Humanity and become nothing more than a machine by replacing all of your limbs with cbms.
-Bionic Guns(minigun, Sniper Rifle, Revolver’s,etc.)
-Speed Boosters & Cbm Flight.

CBM weaponries are too large and bulky to fit inside an arm. Well, imagine having an axe just popping out of your skin :stuck_out_tongue:

These might just be Modded cbms for all I know but, there is a railgun arm cbm and a fusion hand blaster cbm as well. Further I know there is a Profession which starts with a Saber cbm which is basically a sword and the razor hands… there’s a bunch of examples of weapons in the body.

As for an a new cbm?

Give me a full cybernetic overall and let me have missile shoulder pads, maybe a long range mininuke launcher.

Or maybe just an auto loader, some sort of cbm that automatically reloads equipped guns when you are out of rounds. Would be extremely time saving.

There is already a shotgun arm CBM, maybe an unfolding forearm blade? It wouldn’t have to be all that big while folded up.

Spiked knuckles? Spiked TASER knuckles?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t mind seeing a scenario where you had a completely bionic body (AKA brain in a box) and you had to keep it powered instead of fed with no natural healing, just self repairs. Would certainly make you a bit more careful about using bionics, not sure how balanced it would be though or if it would fit in with the lore.


I know there is (or was) a CBM that added shock damage to your unarmed and melee (if the weapon conducts electricity)

And the monomolecular blade kinda fits the bill for a foldout knife.

That would be pretty fun sounding, Wonder if the code would allow it though.

There’s also Heat Drain which gives you power when attacking while its active

True, no stun on the electric dmg CBM though (or there is and I’ve never noticed)
No idea, could be interesting though but again, not sure exactly how balanced it would be.

If you’re testing for electric stun on zombies, I don’t think zombies can be stunned by electricity. I mean, I can take down a secubot with 5-6 consecutive uses of a tazer, but a regular zombie just laughs at my attempts. Pretty sure they just take a bit of damage from the shock, but no stun.

Try punching a robot with the electric melee CBM (totally forget the name) maybe it will work?

Just checked and yeah it does actually.

That’s the awesome thing about this game. Want something but the code doesn’t support? That can be changed, it’s easier if you already have the know how, but with enough persistence anyone can do it. Start small by making .json edits (it can be done in any text editor), maybe make a mod or two. Try learning a bit about c++ and you can start small there too. There’s lots of help to be found if you get stuck or can’t find a place to start.

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I might start learning About C++ just so i can test my ideas on the game.

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Wouldnt the Gun Cbms Work like the shotgun arm from the bionic gangster?

replace in my whole body that do I really need that arm Plasma gun would be preferable

Imbedded in your forearm is a system of expandable plates that, when activated, unfold to a large shield you can use for protection. While active it prevents the use of anything that requires both hands.

  • Gives a shield effect of a very high blocking ability.
  • While active it gives relevent slots a protection value of 20 for bash and cut, 3 acid, and 1 fire.
  • Does not conduct electricity due to an imbedded dielectric capacitance system.
  • 20pu to activate, 1pu per turn while active.

One of your arms have been replaced by a mechanical arm whose forearm can change into a really large electrified sword. Each strike is hydraulically powered and is sure to cleave through most if not all combatants like a hot knife through butter. Should they survive your strike, they’ll be electrocuted as well. Unfortunately it constantly drains power to use this arm. If you have no power it’s a useful as a broken limb.

  • Constant 5pu per turn drain.
  • Turns your arm into a disabled limb if you have no power but works again once you have power.
  • Strength +2 while you have power
  • 50pu per activation, each activation switches it between sword mode and arm mode.
  • In sword mode it drains 10pu per turn.
  • In sword mode you cannot wield anything that requires both hands.
  • In sword mode, if combined with an activated aegies, you cannot wield anything at all.
  • In sword mode, your attacks gain +70 to cut, +10 to bash, +20 to pierce, and an electrified effect.
  • Does not conduct electricity due to its own dampeners.


(or anything else from the cyberimplant section of CP2020’s chromebooks)


Laughs in Evil Dead


If we’re going to have a large shield CBM, can we get a transforming leg CBM that lets you have tank tracks to move forward? Then you can use the shield and slam into zombie like a personal bulldozer.

I think it would be interesting to just completely shed your humanity and there be a noticeable effect on your character. I also just want to make Franky ;p


So what you want is for a character to move like a 1 tile vehicle while these leg tracks are active and if the shield is up then you get added ram capabilities like our dear friend the road roller?

I’m not sure what the devs are planning but I can’t imagine a complete replacement of your biological body being impossible to implement, just hard or at the very least complicated at this point.

Just think about combining all these insane CBMs with mutations.

Frank Horrigan… oooh…

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