What are some bionics you've always wanted to see?


Basically everything from Ghost In the Shell.


The first one came to my mind too. I’m putting it on my TODO list.


I don’t know if they have something in the game, but rather than having those fingers, why not have a Universal Access Port (UAP) with an internal storage bank that effectively becomes a tablet, without having to dedicate the volume to it. You could probably plant hackpro into it too. I think they should add a lot more misc. bionics that serves utility more than anything else, so you aren’t dedicated to only having the integrated toolset as your utilitarian bionic…

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Destro style wrist rockets


Pheremone production/excretion system, so you can get social bonuses and also make bees/ants not try to kill you.


Those hands would require a computer keyboard capable of all those digits. Keyboards are fairly slow and people can type faster than the response time of the average keyboard. So I totally dig this idea. But it wouldn’t be a thing =(

I would really like it too fyi. Not crappin on the idea. It could improve Computer skill.

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B-ko’s wrist rockets in the Project A-ko film?

Man I want that shlock to get a good upscale. IT AIN’T FAIR!!! IT WAS HUGELY POPULAR! T_T


No…destro. cobras arm’s dealer.

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The skull gun belongs in Crazy Cataclysm, really.

Nanotech augmentations would be really fucking neato too. If a bionic encumberance system ever gets implemented, I think that they would be highly sought after by any would-be cyborgs.

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The flesh is weak, so being able to replace your limbs and organs with superior cybernetic prostheses would be nice. Not to mention the ability to add extra ones.


Bionic-Induced Beauty CBM. Enhances your looks and cancels out Bionic-Induced Deformity. Maybe in the pre-cataclysm world celebrities would use them.

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Facial Distortion CBM fulfills this as a passive. But maybe as an active for a bigger boost?

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Mfw this steps out of the steps out of the woods.

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mfw a moose knocks my super cyborg over and beats him to death because of torso encumberance


Going off of robocop, two bionics came to mind.

Implanted Armored Visor: Basically Robocop’s visor, only non-removable. Gives you excellent eye protection, but its harder to sway NPCs since you are dehumanized. Also gives you a bonus if you also a targetting module, which it sort of needs since with or without it you get a vision penalty since the visor isn’t the best.

Implanted Feeding System: Either a negative or a RP thing, makes the player reliant on a specific kind of nutritional slush to eat/drink (which is similar to baby food) which is inserted intto a feed. You are unable to consume food normally, and this also blocks the Enhanced Digestive System (and vice-versa), and perhaps negates most food-related traits.


An electronic warfare module would be nice; basically a bionic that would function the same as a control laptop to let you hack robots and turrets. In addition, change the Remote Control CBM to allow you to assume direct control of hacked robots and turrets rather than just vehicles, as well as allow you to see what they see.

If wireless communications are ever implemented, having a phone or radio built into your skull would be nice. I’ve read about a number of varieties in works of science fiction. Besides systems which are directly interfaced with the brain, there are also indirect ways of doing this. “Bone Phones” for example are basically just a normal communication device implanted in your head, but instead of a neural interface or something to get the information to your brain, the device is anchored to your cranium, and creates tiny vibrations that can be picked up by the auditory nerve. Basically, you are still hearing a sound naturally like any other noise, only the source is just more or less inside your ear.

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Full endoskellital replacement with new flesh covering. Ergo your brain plugged into one of these.



Point defense CBM that blocks incoming projectiles and attacks small sized targets for insignificant damage.

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Ya know, they have this for tanks =)

The perimeter around the tank has a system that measure the various waves. If a fast moving project gets close. The system can detect the pressure and sound etc to then deploy a shotgun blast in that direction, that will intercept the incoming projectile. The projectile is then deflected or explodes before it touch the tank. Still rings your bell. But it didn’t kill the occupants.

Watched a documentary on modern war machines =^_^=

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That would be totally cool, TZW is talking about APS (Active Protection System) it’s in it’s early years, but is very promising. Still think the US should move to some more to recent generation advancements like the new T series (Russians like T34’s) with its crew placed in a seperate compartment from the turret and engine to prevent everyone dying from a shot to the ammunition.

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