We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


Kinda reminds me of this scene from Ronin:

Just ignore the teflon non-sense…it is an old movie >_>

Scalpel / exact o-knife + mirror + first-aid skill ; optional enhancements = bandages and a form of sterilant. The sterilant should be used before hand and bandaged after for best results =D


Also this?

Caught as I was closing YT.


After walking through a radioactive area or through fungal tiles, you and your gear may become contaminated. Regular clothing cannot be decontaminated. Weapons and equipment/containers can. Contaminated hazmat gear (ANBC suit, power armor, etc) can be decontaminated, and will not have negative effects on you if it occurs while you are wearing it, but can contaminate you if you take it off before it has been sanitized.

Contaminated individuals must go through a decontamination shower & maybe a UV irradiation cycle, or risk contaminating the areas they move through, like your base or vehicle. Failure to decontaminate will have…unfortunate consequences. Also, NPC followers at your base and those at evac centers will react poorly to you tracking fungal spores and radioactive dust around.


Although your example is over the top, I would love to see decontamination be something we actually have to do. It would make fungus especially feel so real to have to decontaminate yourself or track spores around for a while.


After installing bionics you have to constantly and frequently use anti-rejection drugs or else terrible things would start to happen to your body governed by some RNG horror spinner.


A bionic realism overhaul, what fun, lol. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transplant_rejection


It depends what they are made out of. Some materials are biocompatible and won’t be rejected or attacked by the body.


That sounds like a great idea, I don’t know why you posted it here.


I’d be more worried about infection than rejection. Metal stuff doesn’t tend to reject, but it is incredibly prone to very ugly infections.


It depends on the metal. Titanium and ceramics are pretty common for medical implants because they won’t get attacked or rejected very easily. I’ve read about a few surface treatment techniques for preventing implants from being rejected or damaged by the immune system by tricking it into thinking the implant is a part of you.

Infection would probably be a real danger after the initial install, but this kind of technology would not be commercially successful like it has been in the world of CDDA if everyone who used it regularly got horrible infections for the rest of their life. They might still be popular/commercially successful if users had to take anti-reject drugs, but probably only if they were cheap and taken monthly, like as a shot or something.


Rejection really wouldn’t be a significant risk. Joint replacements, indwelling hardware ports, shunts, pacemakers, and many other devices are already in use without rejection risk. And you’ll note that very few of those interface between air and internal space. Anything that has exposed parts (ie a huge number of CBMs) is going to be much, much more at risk.

CBMs would largely not have been designed for the kind of use survivors put them through. Even industrial and milspec CBMs would assume the user has access to medicine now and again. Crawling through muddy swamp water and fighting a filth-soaked monster that bites you and claws at you, then going home and not being able to shower, is somewhat out of design specification.

Now, CBM definitely wouldn’t have taken off without accounting for this. Perhaps they’re made out of something like hormonal IUDs… They’ve got some sort of slow leeching antiseptic chemical cocktail impregnated in their coating plastic. Nevertheless, under standard cdda use, even if infections weren’t the norm, they’d be pretty common.


I’d say the external connections would probably be made out of or coated in something biocidal, like copper, to reduce the risk of infection. But even then yeah, you would probably be more prone to infections. Maybe thats why they made the leukocyte breeder cbm…


Suggestion - Can Openers




Chance when hit in the leg to have your shoes untied which in turn HEAVILY increases the probability to randomly trip if time is not taken to tie them up.


Chance to trip over random objects that increases with the number/ volume of items in a square.


That’s not a bad idea. There really should be a movement penalty for moving through a tile full of items on the floor. Give you incentive to pick that shit up and put on a shelf somewhere. :slight_smile:


Add Gordon Freeman. Armed with just a crowbar and his classic Black Mesa attire. Gordon Freeman cannot be killed. Gordon Freeman is love. Gordon Freeman is life.

Man, I REEEAAALLLY want there to be a half life 3 :sob:


LOL… keep dreaming :rofl:


That just made me think of this idea:
If you are wounded, being in dirty places can affect you in various ways. IRL you can get a small cut and have it get infected.
Presumably, when the game says your bleeding it’s only really telling you when it is severe. Because seriously, how do you not start bleeding when a monster bites a chunk out of your arm? If nothing else, you are bound to have little tiny boo boos every once and a while. Even a tiny nick in the flesh could be bad.
That’s just from direct wounds too!
Bacteria is probably rather plentiful right now (So. Many. Rotting. Corpses.), so catching everything from a little sniffle to Ebola would probably be pretty easy.


Oooooo! Add a mutated Golden Lancehead Viper! IRL, they are indangered and live in only one very remote part of the world, but I just wish to tell you all the very many side effects of it’s venom (Which is actually both a neurotoxin and a hemotoxin):

  • Local pain and swelling
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Blood blisters
  • Bruising
  • Blood in the vomit and urine
  • Intestinal bleeding
  • Kidney failure
  • Brain hemorrhage
  • Severe necrosis of muscular tissue

It looks pretty though \/

Setting foot on Ilha da Queimada Grande (better known as Snake Island) is illegal. You be crazy to want to go there just for fun with these guys are.