We make bad suggestions and come up with horrible ideas

Just porting over a gem from the original forum, whales dev. (came from http://whalesdev.com/forums/index.php?topic=1584.0)

Go ahead and post a terrible idea or bad suggestion!

i was reading that topic and found this gem: “How about a blind character trait? Plus 10 character creation points for choosing it. You’d navigate by sound, like a bat. You’d start out with a cane, and you’d have to use it on every tile infront of you to get an idea of where you’re going. Normal skill books wouldn’t work for you, and you’d have to find ones in braille. You’d be terrible with firearms, but with a samurai sword, you’d become an unstoppable force of purification in an undead world.”

That was not a bad idea, so im going to post some:

Random Exploding Rabbit encounter: Sometimes, a random rabbit will explode if killed.

Random Rabbit Hulk encounter: Sometimes, when the rabbit is at half health, it will become a Rabbit Hulk, that can jump, leap, and crush you.

Random Jabberwock Rabbit encounter: Sometimes, when too much dead rabbits are in the same zone, they will become a Rabbit Jabberwock.

Random Attacking Rabbit gang: Sometimes, there will be a pack of rabbits with red eyes that have the same stats as a bear, but with the size and form of a rabbit.

Rabbit trait: You play as a rabbit.

Rabbit horse: You can craft with rabbit’s chunks a horse made of rabbits. It can jump.

Zombie Rabbit: A zombie covered in rabbits. It will jump and will be very difficult to kill. If killed, it will spawn a Random Attacking Rabbit Gang.

Rabbit: rabbit.

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Jabberwocks should be able to fire nukes.

You should be able to craft mininuke-on-a-stick. Hit’n’boom.


Sticky grenades that have a 50% chance to stick to your hand.

Zombies that can grab onto cars road of the dead style.

Instant revive mode that is on in secret options menu.

Having your gender-specific parts being a targetable area for bears. (One hit kill.)

Stray dogs humping you. (Animal STD’s if you’re naked for extra fun.)

Grenades getting stuck in launchers.

Zombies inside of wide wheels called wheel zombies(obvious). Speeding up and wrecking you by rollin’
Zombie moose, zombie bear, zombie shark(in sewers… or, in air and flying - science, bitch!) - maybe even augmented with some scientific things.

Cyber-bears will be a thing.


Very well, I will take the role of that creepy guy:
Sexual mutations:
Mammal Tree - Heat: Periodical morale penalty and increased body temp, until you mate.
Insect Tree - Sexual Suicide: You die after having sex.
Feline Tree - Spiked penis: Self explanatory.

Masturbate trait. You must read a playboy every night, or take high moral hits the next morning.

Ewww, you are creepy ^

The incredible zombie hulk: 5x higher stats then a normal zombie hulk

Destroyer Mech- an enemy the hight of half a skyscraper and would walk around destroying stuff. not neccesarily targeting you but being anywhere near it is dangerous for u may get stepped on

Mimics- Evil refrigerators in the laboratory that try to eat you if you open them, they will probably push you around into “Fun” and then eat you.

Psychotic squirrels- hyper aggressive squirrels that attack anything in sight

Potato launcher- launches potatos

PotAto launcher- Launches PotAtos

Unreliable Narrator trait- You think those are zombies you’re fighting? Cop bots? Are you out of your ever loving mind? You’re a meth head running around the city high out of your mind, hallucinating that those people are zombies. You’ve been killing people, not zombies. After taking enough thorazine, you might begin to see reality, and realize that the reason people are attacking you is because you’re some nut on a killing spree.


You have to pee and poop every once in a while.


Here’s a few:

  • Fallout style: every square on the surface has background radiation.
  • Crash enough vehicles together, and they will form a Transformer.
  • “Vietnam Veteran” profession: One of your legs starts out permanently broken, and you have to wear a ‘prosthesis’ to avoid massively slowed movement.
  • Instant Replay: When you die, the last 50 turns get replayed for you, so you get to see yourself get killed again.
  • “One Percent”/“Bankster” profession. You start with a suit, dress shoes, and are overencumbered with gold bars and money bundles.
  • Minecraft mode, where any time furniture or walls are destroyed, they pop into items and can be placed freely instead of breaking into two-by-fours and nails.
  • Unreal Tournament style announcements for killing multiple zombies within a few turns of each other. KILLING SPREE!
  • (Zombie) Dogs will leave you alone if you throw a Large Stick away from you.
  • Some NPCs spawn in cars, and will turn hostile at the slightest provocation.
  • Special game mode, Tower Defence. Like Defence, but the only things you can buy from the caravan are turrets, manhacks, and stacks of 9mm bullets.
  • Furry Zombies. Always drop a Wolf Suit on death. Spawn en masse at convention centers.
  • Illegal Immigrant trait. You can’t talk to NPCs, read any books, or use computers at all because you don’t speak English.
  • Whenever you go into an elevator (office tower, apartment tower, etc) every 3 turns you get the message “You hear the sound of elevator music.”

Reminds me of Dungeon Crawl’s list of Bad Ideas… ( Cherrypicked | Full ~3500-entry list ).

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Immigrant thing is a bit racy, man.

Seconding Ninja. That’s not cool.

/helped a trafficking victim back during internship

“European Tourist”, then? Just “Tourist” could imply from somewhere else in North America.

Leastwise in Germany, they taught English in the schools. (I was an exchange student back in the day: one month.) Probably just “Doesn’t speak English”?