Yet another wild suggestions thread

After playing for a long time and pretending that i’m a smartypants some thorough research I’ve came with a bunch of funny, useful and crappily idiotic ideas.

  1. Shields. Yeah, well, with current system it’s quite hard to implement them(I truly understand, I tried before), but why not? You’ve got a riot armor, a medieval armor and a chitinous armor sets and no shields at all! How the heck am I supposed to re-enact misadventures of SWAT team that tried to clean out a prison and then settle there Disregard that, just add shields. Or don’t add them. I really don’t care, just weird to see shitloads of melee weps and no shields.
  2. Flamethrowers. As of now - they’re weird. Really weird. IRL flamethrowers don’t hurl fireballs at your enemies. They’re also don’t work like “oh hey look i press the trigger and then create f*cking WALL OF FLAME in one second!”. They’re shooting in cones, goddamit. Cones, ya’ see? Military ones does that in streams instead - because they’re military ones. Why don’t you also make them “assault rifles” with high dipsersion instead of “shotguns” type?
    And, duh, why don’t you add napalm? Like, higher chances to ignite your target. Or just create “sticky flame” tile instead which will ignite anyone with 100% chance.
  3. Ammo disassembling. “Kinetic bullet puller”? Geez. I’ve been “disassembling” ammo with knife(actually, I needed it only for primer extraction, lead part was pulled out using… erm… teeth) while I was in army. Nothing bad happened to me, as you can see from the fact that I’m writing this text.

I’m ready to understand if devs say that it’s too hard or whatever excuse they have. Game’s good as it is for now… but just needs a lots of tweaking.

Shields: We’re waiting for off-hand implementation.

Flamethrower: Agreed, need a fix.

Ammo Disassembly: Agreed too.

Shield are mainly used as a secondary defense, something you may find helpful when in need of a parry style. If you’re looking for some cover form against turret ammunition that’s a whole different thing, and I haven’t looked that closely to just how much does a car protect you from an outdoor one; that is, for example, there are wall covers and furniture pieces also.