We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)

So one of my favorite threads on the smf forums was:

Kevin closed it for some unlisted reason but I think it deserves to live. Post the worst, most terrible ideas you can.

Here are a couple to start us off again:

  • Re enable acid rain and make it the most common weather type.

  • Add collision detection systems to all cars after all you don’t want to accidentally hit anything

    • Same but add them to tanks and other military vehicles.
  • Give zombie grenadiers mini nukes.

  • Surviving military personnel are carpet bombing areas, periodically random swaths of land get blown up with no concern for any survivors.

  • Add a NPC named terry. Make him completely broken (power armor, rivtech weapons, all stats/skills @ 20+, the works). Add a dialog option to insult him causing terry to subsequently rip the survivor’s face off. Make death message say “You died from dissin’ Terry.”


Uhm, elite grenadier has mininuke hacks. :grin:


Great… just great, do they also drop active mininukes?


According to the monster_drops.json file, there is “1 prob” chance (i think it is a percentage) to drop one mininuke hack on death. !FUN!:sweat:


That’s an item though do they actually activate it?


I presume, when they die the dropped hacks are activated AFAIK.

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Add pooping and peeing. With a certain trait you can pee/poo on your enemies for a morale boost


Coprophagia trait, nuff said.


Irritable bowel syndrome trait, makes you randomly shit yourself, stunning you. Will dirty your lowest layer of leg clothing if you cant take them all off in time. Imagine an attack happening while being chased by a horde of zombies. Or shitting your power armor. Removed by expanded digestion cbm or the mutation which does something similar.


When reloading a gun at low skill levels have a chance to misfire and shoot yourself.


Chance to lose you 10mm socket making certain wrench requiring activities impossible.


1/1,000,000,000,000 chance each turn of being struck by a meteor.


Every bridge on the map will have a ragged figure of an NPC. You must answer all of his questions correctly/pass enough speech checks or be teleported into the water and have 10+ Jawed Terrors spawn around you.


Or random chance for lighting strike during rain storm, even higher if you are wearing the good medieval metal armor, or wielding conductive weapons. Zombies are of course immune because the blob makes them less conductive.


Dental hygiene. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly all of them will rot making it impossible for you to eat any solid foods. Bonus if candies deal extra tooth decay damage.


Realistic healing. Minor cuts take at least a day to heal. Serious cuts take several days. A deep bite could easily be a month, and if it’s on a major body part you could permanently lose strength and have lifelong pains. A broken bone will take weeks.

Also if you carry too much weight you can throw out your back and be down for a day. Doing it too often could give you a bad back for good.


Realistic suicide. The character now need a tool or some sort (like a knife or a gun) to commit suicide. It would work more or less like this.

80% chance of failing the attempt
10% of succeeding the attempt
10% of getting a random permanent debilitation, and maybe no longer be able to attempt suicide.


Or a long rope and a chair/table. Or a razor blade. Or an intentional drug overdose. Or finding a tall building to jump from. Or trying to drown yourself. Base the CoS on this.

For that matter, why don’t certain drugs react more violently with alcohol?


Why do we need this thread? You just described 90% of the forum.


Also, please implement a way for my NPCs to tell me about their day. You know, how many corpses they pulped, how they feel about being used as my backpacks, that sort of thing. I’m very interested in the emotional tedium that is their existence.

Also, 'cause I’m in that sort of mood – We could add my ex-girlfriend to the game. She would basically do nothing (like my other NPCs) except that she constantly compares you to her father and complains that you don’t have a five year plan.


Have followers regularly pester you for attention (Hey, Listen!), and then point out the obvious (Look out, there is a zombie 5 tiles away!)

When picking up heavy objects, chance to fail and drop it on your foot, causing you to swear loudly:
You pick up the storage battery.
Your grip slips and you drop the storage battery on your foot.
You cry out in pain “OUCH GODDAMNIT!”.