Stupidish Ideas

Here are some ideas for creatures/things I would like to see in the game
1:the ability to mutate your pets and make them stronger such as injecting your dog with some medical serum/mutagen to make them heal
2: Mutated animals like (cows or cats)
3: 4 or less intelligence and you talk in grunts and or growls like a animal (I got this from fallout)
4: thresholds like lizard/bear lower your intelligence to 8 and then different mutations that set it to 4
5: if your mutation are of a pack animal you can get them to join you
I think these or cool but stupid as shite


They are not stupid(in my opinion). I liked all ideas here. They are very interesting principally the first one. If I had modding abilities I’ll probably make this true

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Monsters cannot mutate. Use NPC - they can.

Then we should simply add new mutated versions of fauna!

Also the idea that an low intelligence character speaks in grunts and huffs is funny, I like it!

Another idea is be capable of recruiting any animal if you have the items needed and the animal had low health, like far cry 5 and primal,
e.g: you encounter a bear, trap him in a bear trap, then you low his health, heals him and now he is your.
Is pretty dumb, because CDDA is realistic and why the heck you need a bear

What do you mean, why? To dress him in kevlar/plate armor and ride him into battle, of course!

Also, correction: your NPC lowers his health, then you feed the bear with said NPC and NOW ne’s your friend.

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LOL. That is the idea from the beginning

My mad scientist guy gets by with an army of NPCs specifically mutated for various purposes. He is weak as all hell, but his intelligence and knowledge of mutagen has given him all the muscle he needs… assuming he can keep the mutants fed, of course.

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