We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


It’d be a pretty big soundtrack, so we’d want to bundle it separately, but there’s nothing stopping us.
(Still Alive is NOT CC, sad)


First of May is, I believe, and if that starts playing every time my game transitions to summer, well, I’ll be happy.

There may be some reason it’s a bad idea to have that happen, but I can’t for the life of me imagine what it would be.


Does anyone know if there’s a Plumber profession? If there is, make it able to eat Fungaloids to grow larger, jump high enough to cross Z-levels, find money inside bricks, and die instantly on contact with any creature, if it hasn’t eaten a Fungaloid first.


Give everyone heavy accents to the point they are really hard to understand. Better yet mix and match them so they use multiple dialects in a given sentence.

You must surgically remove all shrapnel/ bullets after being hit or, face serious consequences.


Off topic for this thread, this is a great feature.


Make taking aspirin have a stacking chance of increasing likelihood of bleeding (it is a blood thinner).

Add harmful medication interactions, like from mixing stimulants and depressants.


IRL unless a bullet is in a bad location, you generally can leave them in with little consequence as heat from their firing sterilizes the bullet. The issue is you need to remove any pieces of shirt that it embedded when it hit you and one generally removes the bullet to reach them. Otherwise treating a GSW is just the usual, stop the bleeding, patch up the hole, reconnect the vein etc. required by any major wound. There would be a (small-ish) chance of it migrating and causing damage (i.e. ends up in a less-bad location) and, could cause “incidents” involving electricity or magnets to be a little more interesting but, there are plenty of people walking around with bullets/shrapnel in them.

Shrapnel may or may not be sterile though…


I was under the impression that sepsis from a gunshot wound is always a pretty serious concern…


You are correct, Sepsis is a major concern with GSWs. The trick is, the hot brass bullet is sterile. The infections come from a piece of your very not-sterile shirt or whatever else the bullet brings with it getting embedded inside you. Plus, generally GSWs are deep puncture wounds which easily cause infections as they bypass all your skin.


Well s/remove the bullet/clean the wound/ and we’re set.


Acid Brutes that deliberately miss the first time, shooting a puddle behind you then punting you into it and inflicting Downed status so you can’t move.


Instead of 'O’pen, have players push or pull doors instead with some doors being able to open one way. :stuck_out_tongue:


Change hacking to require a laptop and A LOT of time to code specific viruses to hack specific terminals


Plants get trampled, so you have to be careful not to step on your crops… or let those brain dead people walk on them.

Bonus: Crops aren’t just in danger of being trampled by a survivor and their followers, small chipmunks, squirrels and, other vermin can ruin or even “trample” them.

Turrets Destroy Crops

What’s bad about that? That sounds amazing.


Well, time to give a bunch of bad ideas.

-When moving into things(or even next to things), one has a chance to stub their toe. Causes massive pain, but no physical damage.

-When handling paper, chance of getting papercuts, which hurt like hell and bleed but otherwise do no (initial) damage.

-When in pain, NPCs and the player might cry out in pain, curse, cry, or whathaveyou.

-If, while having an active mission, no progress is made after a certain period of time, have the mission giver get angry and attack you. If they belong to a faction, the faction also gets angry with you.

-make it impossible to mount a bayonet to a bolt-action rifle. Oh wait, thats actually a thing already…


I actually kinda like the idea of crying or shouting in pain if it gets high enough. Right now your character can be slammed through a fucking wall by a brute while being completely silent.


Dude that sounds awesome! Maybe the Old Guard shouldn’t be AS drastic but it would be nice if they noticed you were a criminal.


It’s a relatively easy change, JSON only, to enable a more perceptive Old Guard rep. Why not try contributing?

JSON only, by the way, means text files only and no need to know how to program.


Random chance that whenever you find a chainsaw it will literally be a chain-saw: