We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


There are some snakes out there that can really !@#$ you up. I know there is at least one that will make you bleed out from every orphus on your body.


Might be an unwanted copy of asthma and it’s inhalers, but what about introducing diabetes and a quest for insulin shots?


That would be really bad… insulin needs to be kept refrigerated or it goes bad real quick… It’s one of the major issues following hurricanes and other disasters were everyone loses power.


Diabetes is overdone. Add quests for people with hypothryoidism to find thyroid supplements, and for people with hypoparathyroidism to find activated vitamin D3 pills and/or calcium shots.


Let’s get really serious about it and add congestive heart failure, where you need to take regular Lasix or drown in your own fluids, along with a host of blood pressure and cholesterol meds


Could add this to negative traits and simply have the drugs exist to cope. Having a bad ticker slows you down. When over excited can have negative effects.

So in a tense moment you slow down making you more tense. Being super happy from too much junk food or something slows you slightly.


So spurred my humor from another thread.

Peeing and Pooping mod!(again)

We can even allow for a a pile of poop be at the end of a long temple of worship. Like indiana jones! Booby traps and everything to get to it. Just to find the magical artifact of crap. Literal Holy $h!t 0_0



Here’s an idea: Zombie Technicians evolve into Magnet Zombies. They steal metal weapons AND all metal ammo fired somewhere within a 5 tile radius of them will be attracted to them and stick to them but not do damage. They also pick up lots of metal items. And they can evolve into Super Magnet zombies where they’ll start attracting cars.


I like that, but the ‘not doing damage’ part makes no sense. Even more so if you are aiming at them already.
That just made me think of this:
“This bullet is coming towards, how about I activate a magnet to make it be even MORE attracted me, so that the increased velocity rips a hole through space and time and flashes back into our reality right were it just was but moving significantly slower!” #Science


Wouldn’t work. Anything metal would move. Magnetism is not selective. Plus not all metal is magnetic.


Nah, make zombie technicians evolve into zombie engineers, which can build turrets or disable your vehicle or power armor temporarily with an EMP attack.


Now THAT, would be awesome. Terrifying. But awesome.


Wouldn’t it make more sense to not evolve them and give them a better power?

EMP is a sound idea and a Hulk Crush power would be neat. So they can create an invisible barrier in front of a vehicle(or a wavy heat like visual) stop said vehicle. There by making the player crash.


I wish to make a rough quote here:
We make bad suggestions and come up with horrible ideas
Insert suggester’s name here: “How about this: When somebody dies, a headstone appears where they can write their last words!”



No, just let the vehicle be out of control for a second or two as it comes to a halt or crashes into something. I’m pretty sure an impenetrable force field interdiction would fuck with vehicles way too hard. What happens if it pops up inside a vehicle? Game crash, thats what.


Iron Man 2? Mr. Slashy cuts those cars in half and makes you crap your pants lol

But. Yeah. The out of control thing would really suck and would leave it up to chance. Perhaps a reasonable balance.


I’m confused are you referring to something in the original thread?:confused: I changed the name from “We make bad suggestions…” to “We make TERRIBLE suggestions…” when I started round 2… I wanted to raise the bar :smiling_imp:

… plus, it sounds better this way.


Yes, I am referring to something from the previous thread. I didn’t pay attention to the name change. It’s funny how this thread and the previous sound to be mostly just for fun rather than actual desired content, yet some of it actually turns out to be pretty good. :grin:


Yeah. Sometimes the best crap really is. wink lol

Like my thread idea. “We have insane ideas that come out of our Assets!” 0_0

Seriously though. I think some strange stuff can manifest and be perceived in ways that make others get a moment of clarity. Like…“well that was silly…but it made me think of…(insert good idea)”.


A large number of the milestone inventions and/or discoveries were made completely by accident.


Addition of two new special NPCs: “Gun Jesus”(who wears a bathrobe and sunglasses and has a random rare firearm) and “Karl”, who has a flamethrower and, anytime said flamethrower is used, yells “Im from the internet and Im here to help!”.