Stupid questions... ACTIVATE!

Here, we shall all talk about ludicrous suggestions about what should be added into the game! Bring forth the nostalgia of a thread made long ago (which I forgot the exact name), and once again tell the world you crazy ideas! (If I recall correctly, that previous thread is why the death-cam was added :grin:)

#1 First off, there should be a starting trait called zombie. It makes it so you cannot craft, read, sleep, or even walk in the direction you actually want to. You just randomly wander till you find some random NPC and attempt to nom their face off.

#2 There should be a rare chance that aliens will come and randomly shoot you with space lasers that insta-kills people in power armor.

#3 There should be a trait that makes it so the character always holds guns backwards, and thus shoots themselves in the chest instead.

#4 There should be an eldritch bacon most, and if you kill it, it grants you so much infinite bacon that your game lags so hard that it crashes do to the insane amount of stuff loading in. It’s literally a virus, since it runs a while loop that is always true.