We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


Black boxes will give you a record of dialogue like this when you decrypt them or whatever.

The Old Guard may arrest you, punish you, refuse to talk to you etc. you are a convict.


I don’t personally see these things as a bad thing. Hell, I’d love to see the black box thing as a feature in the near/far future.


Put all sexual/fetish related items into one megamod and title it “OwO What’s this!?”



Flatulence for eating spoiled food or food you’re intolerant to. Stacks with normal food poisoning effects but adds occasional sound and scent detection for those creatures who use it.


Love the idea of adding waste management to the game. You generate waste as you play, and not dealing with it properly can lead to all sorts of morale penalties, social consequences, infections, attracting attention, even health risks for not eliminating regularly. There’s room for all sorts of traits, both positive and negative, and it provides a source of fertilizer/fuel for feces and ammonia for urine. We could even add water purification systems that can make urine safely drinkable.

Make me get up at 3am to go outside and dig a cat hole to hide my waste in. That’s IMMERSION right there!


“You really need to take a shit! Stop crafting?” (Y)/(N)


Add a friendly version of the smoker zombie called Smokin’ zombie. Every time you inhale it’s smoke, you’ll get more high. When it dies “The Smokin’ zombie collapses into a cloud of dancing particles and fades away!”


I just use a stove as an incinerator. Any unwanted items, trash, etc gets thrown or poured straight into the fire. Dog shit everywhere? Into the fire. Aluminum cans and paper wrappers? Into the fire. Rotten meat? Into the fire.

I haven’t tried nuclear waste yet, but I bet that burns too. Hopefully without radioactive smoke/vapors.



That is definitely the zombie these guys would turn into


Zombie Whales. The easiest way to find one is to go east until you hit the Atlantic. They aren’t alive enough to care about the typical whale diet and will try to eat you regardless of whether they were originally carnivorous. They also aren’t alive enough to care about migratory patterns and thus can be found all year-long.

Also, Zombie Whales, the developer of the original Cataclysm. Can occur anywhere normal zombies appear, but may also be found in the Atlantic for some reason.

Whales (both variants) Ate My Parents trait where you have a morale debuff until you get revenge. An NPC with this trait cannot give you the “Kill Zombie Mom” mission, but may enlist you to hunt down whichever Whales did the deed.


When i saw this, i was thinking it will be a Dwarf Fortress reference, DF has a long history of Zombie Whales problems like this.


You can do Fortnite dances after you kill NPCs.


You MUST do Fortnite dances after EVERY kill.


You have to use a toothbrush and toothpaste regularly, or your teeth will rot. If you don’t remove a rotten tooth, it will be a constant source of pain, with a large pain spike when you eat or drink. The fewer teeth you have, the longer it takes to eat. If you have few enough teeth, you must find dentures or cannot eat solid foods.


If this gets into the game please include a natural toothpaste or a craftable one


You know those talking dolls? One in six-or-so chance per doll for them to come to life and attack PCs or NPCs, but only while they sleep and only if no-one else is looking. Even better if you have an NPC companion who will swear that they saw the doll move and as the days go by will grow increasingly frantic, screaming that the doll is alive until you wake up one day and find there’s a knife buried in their head. If you have multiple NPC companions they’ll drop one-by-one horror movie style.

When it leaves your line of sight it somehow always ends up out of place and conspicuously close to any knives you have in your base. If you don’t have any knives a random one will appear there instead.

If you leave one of the dolls in a room with a religious text or holy symbol, close the door and walk away, you’ll hear violent shredding noises that will cease as soon as you occupy a square adjacent to the door and when you look in, the text or symbol will be destroyed. Individual words or letters from a religious text may be arranged into a threatening message.

If you run into one during night raids they will activate themselves, making noise continuously and will not stop, even when the batteries run out.


Bonus points, Creepy Doll is Creative Commons licensed, so if we really wanted to we could ship it with the game to play in a loop while the doll is chasing you \o/


Could we just make the game soundtrack all JoCo?