We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


Just for the fun, dude.


Tamagotchis anyone? Activate to keep them alive and take a heavy morale hit if one dies. Maybe give them a similar but copyright-safe name like Gamatachi just for fun.

Unrelated, but autocorrect wants to change “Tamagotchis” to “Masochistic”.


Small bite trait.

You hardly eat a full meal at once and rather taking small bites from time to time. The portions of food items are doubled but the nutrition is halved. You also fill up faster.


French toast
Nutrition: 390
Protions: 2


French toast
Nutrition: 195
Portions: 4


Also, can someone make NPCs scream when they are being eaten alive? I think I would scream if I was being eaten alive.


“Monty my dear boy, stop sucking on the faucet and turn it on.”


Make minefields more realistic. Mines are now widely scattered over several acres, with no helpful signs delineating them.


Make fungus more realistic.
Without perception 12+ you can’t tell the difference between normal vegetation and things that can infect you with mushroom spores!


Add different ages of vehicles. A car made in 1920 wouldn’t run nearly as efficient or strong as a car from 2020


What? A car made in 1920!? Who in their right mind would use a car made in 1920 when EVERY car on the street can be yours?


But that’s just asking for more variety of vehicles. How is that a bad idea let alone a “terrible” one?


I would use a car from the 1920s :3


The funny thing is tho: There are many old machines (trains, cars etc.) that still work perfectly today, they just got replaced by newer ones because the new ones are better (are faster, more exact…).
To say it in simple terms:
New cars/machines are finely tuned and can easily stop working if even a single thing isn’t right (and are even DESIGNED to break down after a certain time, just look at all those electronic components in printers/washing mashines/cars that are made in such a way JUST to last a bit beyond the advertised guaranteed years/uses. It’s called planned obsolecence)
Older cars/machines don’t have such things, can take quiet a bit of abuse and you can rather easily repair em (if you have the parts)

Inb4 you build a deathmobile and stuff constantly breaks just weeks after you installed em (mini fridge shorts out, engine starts acting up etc.) :laughing:


Seriously? My car in high school was built in 1980 and was on its last legs in 1993 with 120K miles with constant part failures; my car built in 2003 hit 160K miles before I got tired of it.

Modern cars are more robust than older cars in just about every way, and that’s been a continuously true statement for the past 130 years.


That can be true but really depends.
Modern cars often break down in terms of electronics, but due to better materials (that don’t rust as easily) their frames and such can last longer.
Older cars on the other hand don’t rely (as heavy) on electronics so that isn’t a breakdown factor, tho the materials/technology used for the frames and such are far more prone to rust and other problems.
Tho it is a fact that older cars are “easier” to repair in terms of skills and material (not talking about the availability of the exact parts), because they are “simpler” than modern cars
(Old = mechanics vs New = mechanics + electronics + most likely even programming)

And the biggest factor of all: Taking good care of it. No matter if new or old, if you don’t ake good care of it, it will break sooner or later


The bit about electronics is pretty relevant to cataclysm. I am a pretty awful mechanic, but with a Haynes manual and a junkyard I was able to do just about anything to fix up my old 78 Chrysler. With my newer Nissan I wouldn’t even know where to start


Keep in mind relative quality means a lot. You can buy a cheap just about anything that will die near the end of it’s lifetime, or you can buy expensive versions that probably won’t break in your lifetime.

Also, a lot of earlier designs were pioneering and required over-engineering, whereas modern stuff has much closer tolerances because they know what things can do, and you pay for how long something is going to last.

Also also, it would be more realistic to look at the actual failure rate as opposed to comparing their durability directly. Most of the surviving stuff from “the good old days” is probably high quality, over engineered, and/or happened to be one that lasted a long time.


scribbles some notes and chuckles evilly


Make it so you can launch a nuke from a nuke silo at its pre-determined Chinese or Russian target triggering an automatic nuclear war.


Also add in sleeper agents/cells/robots for opfor type groups. It would be funny to come across small PRC infiltrator/spy outposts.


Add a zombie child evolution that always knocks you back like a brute. It doesnt do as much damage but it always knocks you back. Call it a “School Bully”