We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


When walking past furniture in complete darkness have a chance of hitting your shin on the furniture for pain and small amounts of leg damage, and the Clumsy trait increases these odds.


When you walk into a table and your character has >60kg, you destroy the table completely.

“The table couldn’t sustain your weight and collapses!”


I think that should be >60kg… I actually really like this idea…


Every shot from a damaged firearm has a chance to make the barrel explode, maiming you. If the round fired was an incendiary, it will set you on fire.

Poor explosives or throwing skill gives a chance to throw the pin instead of the grenade, or fumble and drop the grenade at your feet.

Using a gunsmithing kit or firearm repair kit on a loaded weapon has a chance to cause you to accidentally discharge the weapon and shoot yourself.


Such a silly mistake. Dang it!

You serious? I usually only have bad ideas, that’s why I’m here. Hehe


And to make it even “better” - code the map generation so that there REALLY is an edge of the Earth if you travel long enough in one direction and if you walk past it you get the message: “You have walked over the edge of the Earth and fallen into the cosmic void. Did you really believe the nonsense about Earth being round? You die.”


Prevent light from shining through lab doors.
No wait we did that: https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/26488


Every step has a base 0.5% chance of causing you to trip which depending on the RNG could make you drop/throw wielded items and/or take damage. In/decreased by stamina, injury, shoe/sock type and fitting, overall encumbrance, ambient and body temperature, surface type, items on ground, and running. With a tiny random modifier to each PC and NPC so it’s extreamely annoying to account for


I wish that was a mod


Flat Earth Society? As a faction that would be funny. But realistically, I would like to see some Antifa factions or some other extreme factions like some far left, anti-white factions that have basically siezed the cataclysm as an opportunity to wipe out all those who oppose their anti-white ideals or their leftist dogma.

The same goes for right wing groups. That would be pretty awesome.


Have gun durability decrease with use. Give guns a chance to jam, which depends on the specific gun and the guns durability, which needs to be repaired to unjam. Guns found on zombie corpses will commonly be found jammed.

Add in ross rifle, with extreme accuracy, but high chance to jam Even at full durability and a low chance to explode like a frag grenade in your face when the guns durability is down.

Make Bob semples buildable, along with tzar tanks.

Launching a nuke silo nuke has a microscopic chance to summon azathoth, killing your character and resetting the world.

Make text for using probability engine while stoned “You swooce right in!”

Making me a forum moderator.

Any bad ideas I missed?


I actually really like having description text get weirder the more stoned or drunk you are.

At some point after too much marijuana, just have the descriptive text completely replaced with various happy emojis.


I second this :laughing:


I always did love how NetHack described things while you were hallucinating. And its not as if DDA doesn’t already have some funny text in it :+1:t2:


“You can’t resist the temptation to mimic an orange.”


Atomic Flamethrower:


Negative Trait:

Glass Jaw = -1 for 20% chance of melee damage to the head may cause temporary black out.

Not only is this a rather realistic interpretation of what " Glass Jaw" is. It also gives you pause when you consider fighting in a melee situation. This trait in real life is some what common. Most just don’t get punched in the face to know they have it.


Intelligence and skills affect how a character use certain items.

For example: a 4 intelligence, (0) marksmanship and (0) rifles character may think the rifle’s barrel is the scope and accidentally shot himself in the head.

And a 12 intelligence and (0) electronics character might not have a lot of practical experience, but they may know how to avoid messing things up when trying to dissasemble a radio.


Make tab and backtab as default keybindings for changing tabs instead of < and >.
Oh, wait… :thinking:


I doubt anyone would be outside of a mental facility if they were this mentally deficient. Plus they would be one of the first to bite the dust. Don’t we have a cap anyway?