We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


In necropolis, change all zombies to zombie necromancers.

Side note, are there necropolei on android version(0.C something)?


I haven’t seen any in the past weeks, but I’m pretty sure they still exist.

I believe the Android version patch is now part of the main repository of the game, so they update at the same time or something like that. (I’m not into the technical stuff).


I actually think that might be a good addition for whenever you get really low moral…

why not just give all zombies the resurrection ability :thinking:


Cotard Syndrome trait

The character will take enormous morale hit (-50!) every time they eat/drink anything and the character won’t be able to drink/eat AT ALL if morale is below -100. Can be removed by taking antidepressants every 8 hours or so for a week


Potentially NSFW:

Penetrator Hulk - special post-grab “attack” penetrate. Causes massive pain and moral penalties.
Unless you have the masochist trait; instead you get +9999 moral but it becomes almost impossible to gain moral bonuses as nothing else can compare.

The classic cloths melting sime.


Steal an idea from D&D, Rust Monsters! Creatures which don’t attack you, but instead target all the metal objects you’re carrying and damage them in layers, from the outside in.


Make some of the turrets in labs or elsewhere randomly have busted lights. They won’t be able to fire accurately on anything they can’t clearly see, but god help you if you get careless while stumbling through the dark.


That’s why I always wish for an immutable +3 elven mithril coat.



Small electronic removable mod that can be installed into anything! Reduces volume of the equipped item to 0.01l but don’t affect weight.


Prisoner supervision bot. If it sees someone without a ball and chain attached to their leg, it attaches a ball and chain to their leg.


Sewers have a chance to contain invisible flammable gas pockets (methane). Using a firearm, energy weapon, or creating any kind of spark or flame while inside the sewers will ignite the gas, causing a massive explosion.


While we’re at it, could be include something similar for producing moonshine? Or Bio-diesel?
For that matter, having an open container (bucket) full with gasoline should produce a similar result after a while.


Honestly, given bad item creep in the mid to late game, I think this could be kind of awesome. Once I’m geared up, practically nothing can hurt me or even damage my armour. A rust zombie evolved from corrosive zombies would be a neat way to pose a real threat.


Huh… Maybe I need to work on coming up with terrible ideas lol


Creeping plague of metal eating bacteria or rogue nanotech. Have it spread across cities like the fungus. You better not go in carrying anything metal.


What if you’re made out of metal?


You better not go in. Anyone with bionics will get an infection which will gradually destroy all their bionics. Should probably wash before going near anything metal after being in the contaminated zone too.


If you burn a holy text, the respective god(s) of that faith will attack you in some fashion, unless you have the Spiritual trait.

Potential attacks include:

Dianetics - all body parts take 10 damage per day without shady vitamin consumption
Eastern Orthodox Bible - the Patriarch blinds & castrates you
Gideon Bible - all hotel maps removed
Hadith - all internal thoughts replaced by medieval Islamic poetry
King James Bible - a hostile Redcoat Riot Control Bot spawns at your location
Principia Discordia - a random item spawns at your location and immediately activates
Quran - a grenade hack spawns at your location
Talmud - 20 random insects spawn at your location
Tanakh - all cash cards on the map become worthless
Book of Mormon - 8 swimmer zombies spawn at your location and try to marry you; you become an All-American Prophet
The Book of the SubGenius - intelligence debuff
The Four Vedas - a hostile elephant, cow, monkey, and cobra spawn at your location
The Guru Granth Sahib - you can only wear a turban for the rest of the game
Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - a flying spaghetti monster spawns at your location
Kojiki - your tileset is immediately turned into Anime-style until you uninstall the game or destroy a katana
The Sutras of the Buddha - your character shouts sutras endlessly during all waking hours. Bonus damage versus outsiders.
The Tripitaka - any legs are replaced with arms
The Upanishads - you gain the mutation Herbivore


If you kill and eat a friendly dog, every monster or NPC in the game will permanently be hostile.


Random chance abandoned weaponized vehicles (with ammo/power) to have auto targeting target the character & NPCs