We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


The best armor:


How about a mi-go that has twice the speed of a normal one and Shoggoth regeneration but no attack whatsoever. It just follows you relentlessly and uses a version of the mi-go parrot ability that has virtually no cooldown and draws its dialogue from a separate pool consisting exclusively of internet memes.

You can call it a meme-go.


Make opening jars require java being installed. Bonus: make it check for an arbitrary version.


This already exist, damn flying Mi-gos… Who invented them?


An improvised weapon, “shaped charge lance”. It detonates on impact when you stab something with it, blasting a hole through it.


That is actually an incredibly appealing suggestion… :thinking:


That would require the ability to consume charges or ammunition on melee attacks, which would actually be really handy for things, like the chainsaws or some sort of Fallout-esque shotgun gauntlet.


Wielding a “vibrator”; ever time you attack an NPC with it. Your character starts singing The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” lol

Shotgun shells: Dragons Breath = short 3-4 tile accurate range to shoot a plume(cone/triangle shaped) of fire that may ignite just about anything in its path.

Totally concur with pissing and pooping. There unlocks an entire system that can actually add balance to the basic things a character must do during the coarse of the day. Also as I mentioned long ago, stuff similar to what “Nameless” suggested. Just imagine running while you had to piss like a race horse and you can’t because you would be mobbed by a herd lol


I see what you did there.


Picky eater trait which randomly decides on eating a new food whether you like it and gain morale, or dislike it and lose it. Every playthrough would be different, because everyone’s palate is different


Traumatic experiences in the game can give your character PTSD and other psychological damage, manifesting as semi-permanent morale penalties and other effects. We could expand NPCs to act as therapists, letting you, over weeks of therapy, overcome your traumas


Challenge mode trait: Type II Diabetes


I really want to do a psychological overhaul to the game, imagine something like…

Narcisism - you take -10 morale for each health bar you lose on your head. “The zombie scratches your beautiful face!”

Catatonia - sometimes your character will simply be paralyzed for a ser amount of turns.

Suicidal tendencies - the game will constantly prompt you to kill yourself.

Kleptomania - sometimes when adjacent to NPCs, the character will steal a random item from them.

Aichimomania - The character MUST wield knives, it simply MUST.


As i know flying Mi-gos are in a mod only. Which is a shame because they are a great. Also Mi-gos originate from the Cthulhu Mythos where they can fly, they can even transport a human from the Earth to the Pluto.


I don’t think it is a terrible suggestion. It is fairly common and probably easily doable: sugary (junk food?) and wheat type foods could lower the health value. A proper medicine would prevent this.


Kleptomania sounds like free points to me.


I know that flying mi-gos are from a mod and I know they are from R’lyeh, but I didn’t knew they could fly or transport people to other planets.

But seriously, who thought it would be a good idea?


Not if the NPC has a gun, and it would penalize even friendly NPCs. But in fact they are bad suggestions, just like the topic says.


I would like a flying mi-go in the default game. :grinning: Mi-gos are faster than player characters and we have to fight with them if there is nothing to hide and break the line of sight. Flying mi-gos would add some challenge because there is less time to act.

Also it seems my vague memory about the transports between planets are somewhat incorrect. According the wikipedia, they can extract human brains and transport them in a jar while the living brain can sense and speak with mechanical attachments. Well, that’s nightmarish. Now i like our “tame” in-game mi-gos.


I’m fairly sure the flying mi-gos came from PK’s Rebalance.

New Faction: Flat Earth Society that is now basically the Brotherhood of Steel. Armed to the teeth but fairly docile until you start a conversation with a member and choose the dialogue option where you tell them the earth is round.

Their apostles roam the land spreading their message and smiting heretics. They carpet-bomb any area reported to have those apocryphal artifacts pre-cataclysm society referred to as “globes” and anyone caught with one is forced to walk off the edge of the earth.