We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


How about a notification that pops up every few minutes asking if the dishes are done or housework was finished before starting up the game?

Alternatively, a random quiz question that if you fail, deletes your save files.


An enemy that does no real damage, just runs up and stabs you in the foot so you can bleed to death and/or wait to get eaten by zombies.


An enemy that spawns chairs around you.


Chance to stub toes when walking by furniture.

moving into doors has a random chance of having you walk/run into it rather than performing the open action.

Day 53 of fall, nukes…


The player actually can intentionally most of them.

The game should let you a-ctivate the knife and “Stab Yourself”. If you fail, “Stab Yourself Again”.


Or like a zombie fetus. I heard it used to be a monster in some old mod.

How the hell he stabs you without doing any damage?


Adding a D&D option.

“You shot the zombie.”
“You rolled… 1!..”
“You accidentally shot yourself in the leg and will be stunned for 4 turns!”


Hostile enemies that surround you but deal no damage even if you’re naked but they have 20 dodge. The only way to escape is to “C” Yell until they’re scared or drop your clothes on one of then light then on fire. Also, they are LOUD.


No REAL damage. Probably cuts your Achilles or something. Not enough to make you bleed out or cause any real damage.


Instead of despawning enemies when you leave the area, make copies of them instead, and then keep making additional copies indefinitely.


Sounds like something happening ingame right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Reduce the revivification timer on zombie corpses to 30 seconds.

Fire no longer damages zombies, but turns them into flaming versions of themselves, which are stronger and cause fire damage on-hit. Infinite puke-loop optional.


Infinite puke loop got patched but I see no reason why that couldn’t be undone… maybe expanded… rotting zombies are soo gross you might puke just looking at them…


any npc’s or players will revive into zombies after death
these in turn will develop into stronger zombies based on stats at death
new type of zombie earthen zombie from burying a corpse with too few restraints tunnels like a worm and has a special attack to instantly make a pit and drag the player into it
pulped corpses take multiple days but revive as scared zombies
stronger zeds take a blanket/sheet a chain/rope and sealing in a coffin that is lowered into a pit(stakes and two long ropes) and re buried
add a maternity wing to hospitals flooded with zombie kids
certain npcs are secretly with a zed worshiping cult and will attempt to feed you to their masters while you sleep
new mutation cycle blob allows you to eat literally anything even consuming terrain to dirt or dirt to bedrock but npc’s become hostile immediately greatly heightens water and food needs will produce radiation and mutagen as you move


now for bad ideas that may or may not be bad
add random male and female tags to monsters creates younglings when one of each are together
rework zeds to actually use what’s in their inventory
add a collar allows you to lead around people, dogs, zeds
make a fungal flesh pheremone makes zed slaves crazy like the dog whistle
new vehicle part airbag one use only requires reloading explosive each use if not present take chest damage from seatbelt if seatbelt isn’t present stop from launching but still take damage activates when impacting


Have zombie hulks spawn in squads of 10 with a necromancer squad leader.


“Tourette syndrome” trait. The character will be swearing uncontrollably in stressful situations, making noise and possibly crippling enemies emotionally with his vile insults.


A crossbow that is actually just a normal bow that fires wooden crosses. They do blunt damage.


simple Zombies drop lit molotov after death. Juggernauts drops mini nukes.


Change Schizophrenic trait.

Each time a prompt appears, it’ll have a 1/5 chance of offering you a random stuff.

“You hear a noise! Commit suicide? (Y/N)”

“You were attacked! Drink bleach? (Y/N)”

“Ouch! Something hurts! Wait 30 minutes? (Y/N)”

Add a chance of hearing random stuff.

“From the northwest you hear What is love?” (If you answer “Baby don’t hurt me”, something might happen…)

Add a random chance of hearing random noises coming from buildings. As soon as you enter the building, everything’s ok. As soon as you leave it, you hear the noise again.

Add a random chance of spotting a random enemy during crafting so the player must stop, look around and realize everything’s fine but lose all of the crafting progress.

Add paranoias: “They told you that the Halligan bar is cursed! You should REALLY drop it!”

Add obsessions: “You don’t know why… But you MUST wield the Heavy duty frame. NOW”

If you don’t do the above, you take an enormous morale penalty.