We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


Only if female characters can’t open jars :stuck_out_tongue:


If you think that then you’ve never met me. I’m squishy and I know it.
Despite my wimpyness I don’t let others bully me if I can help it. Usually I can, as I can kick most people in the face with ease.
I’d still love power armor though. Pain hurts. A lot.


Its just that our SWOLE muscles cannot possibly fit within that cramped power armor…


Sadly I lack male upper body strength. Lol. Genders are different despite what the tv says.


I do indeed have trouble with jarsFB_IMG_1542662114156


Growing up with three sisters… had its moments. :laughing:


This is a joke thread, when the joke has to be explained, it ruins it.


Actual factual nazi zombies. As a result, all CBM names and guns are replaced by German ones, with a rare spawn of a note near autodocs that says “THE BEST IN THE WORLD”


Chronic depression starting trait. Take random morale hits unless you’re on antidepressants, and some randomly selected types of antidepressant increase the penalty. If the penalty gets low enough, your survivor commits suicide.

Bonus; .5% chance your survivor is trans and experiences body dysphoria. Has the same effect as chronic depression, but can be treated by means of a specific CBM or consistent hormone treatments.


Even worse and real, sometimes the meds don’t work depending on diet or substance, and sometimes they wear off or require increasing doses with increasing side effects. And even then a negative mod can show up if taken regularly for too long.Depending on traits.
Trans would have to be a chosen trait I’d think. But man, thats probably toooooo hot a topic to include. I can’t say more than that. Politics, politics are shit. Always have been


Add a skill to be able to seduce NPCs and eventually zombies. Bonus points if NPCs/advanced zombies can do it back to you


Vibrator Arm CBM or finger


To try and get this thread off the topic that it’s bern on for a while, I shall add these suggestions:
-All snakes should be renamed to ‘danger noodles.’
-All raccoons should be renamed to ‘trash bandits,’ and get a damage bonus when swarming.
-We still need that bacon generator added, I believe.
-Add a new skill called something like Hobo Powers, or Hoboism, where it gives you bonuses on crafting super makeshift items (such as those metal can fire holders), increased chance to find more and better stuff in trash cans and dumpsters, allows you to make more stuff out of literal trash, and as your skill increases, the negative effects of alcohol lessen, while the benefits increase.
-Add a rare spawn which is a baby with a gun. You have the option to give it another gun. This baby is effectively immortal due to its cuteness, and even zambies and The (freaking) Blob don’t want to harm it. If you kill it yourself, you will promptly commit suited for hurting such an innocent creature, you monster.


Oooh, you’re right. It got fully off topic.
Lmao and lol
Desperation could also work.
Non, if you attack the baby immediate headshots on you and a detailed description of how much drool the baby covers you with afterwards. Haha


Blow up dolls to be used as decoys


“Danger noodles” got a laugh from me. :+1:


I wish I could honestly say I thought of that one myself.

EDIT: Odd side mention, my phone decided to flip out for a moment just after I finished typing this and I apparently somehow managed to flag myself for a moment.:thinking:


Blow up dolls to be used as companions


Spontaneous combustion mutation/malfunctioning cbm.


Let’s reign this in a bit. I don’t have a problem with “indecency” or what have you, but it’s not cool to intentionally make people uncomfortable. If you want to have a shitposting thread about dildos, feel free, but take it to General and label it as NSFW so people that don’t like it can stay away.