We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


Joke’s played itself out anyway, bossman. Last card I had was nothing but a bad pun.


Thank you Kevin, thank you.


A mailbox that periodically has notes from survivors who’re using it communicate with each other, and after a certain amount of time has a pulped survivor zombie corpse and a human corpse with a suicide note next to it.


That’s kinda cool. Not bad at all.


When the air is dry (=winter) you will build up static charge.

When you try to pick up an item made of metal you will receive a shock and fail to pick up the item. You will also lose 1 second worth of moves.


Add a random gen houseplant system where it could have a cactus and if you walk over/smash it, you take damage and bleed


The terrible part is how much stuff they’d need to do with the game to make it work.


I would drag them all to my base and surround it with them.


When zombies die, you have to manually undress them to see their loot. Gives you a morale penalty because you’re getting too close to toughing zombie genitals, which is gross. If you don’t undress armored zombies (firefighters, cops, soldiers), they will re-animate as the same type, but if you do undress them but don’t pulp them, they’ll come back as nude zombies, which take more damage from attacks than regular zombies.

Walking has a small chance of damaging items worn on your feet. You get a morale penalty if you are wearing socks unless they are fully repaired (because your big toe is poling out of a hole in the socks, which is extremely annoying).


zombies with the ability to drive.


Zombies who can duel wield pistols with pin point accuracy. Cuz video game logic.


Every animal corpse comes back as an undead version of it.
If Hulks don’t end your character, swarms of z-turkeys will.


Semi-intelligent self-driving taxis. They have adjusted their prices for having an absolute monopoly on transport unless you build your own car, but if you spot one and hail it you can use them for quick-travel. Bonus points if they occasionally contain a zombie.


Cars should have radios in them. they can be used to get a morale bonus or as a distraction.


If a zombie dies by fire, there is a mediocre chance of them reviving as a fire zombie that constantly spreads fire wherever it walks; this of course could be complimented by fire brutes, spitfires, and Fiery Rage. (Great name for fire spitters and fire hulks, right? lol)


When using a atm, you’ll have to wait for each individual item to vend itself before grabbing another item, waiting usually takes about 12 seconds, and some items can get stuck while vending… It also makes a good amount of noise too while you’re waiting.


Add midi to the game


Adding more menu messages to the schizophrenic trait that are super annoying (and give you a placebo-like effect irl) like:
“What’s that crawling on your back?”
“Your head really itches right now, doesn’t it?”
“Didn’t you forget to do something?”
“Is the oven off right now?”
“Is that someone watching you right now?”

Maybe clock the time with the system to give an even worse effect like:

“What was that?”
“Hopefully there’s nothing hiding in the dark right now.”
“Are those eyes in the dark?”
“Don’t look outside, please…”
“Don’t turn around”

I think this might be a little too bad for some people though…


An mask with an skull that looks similar to an spider and a faction called
Ghosts if you talk about games with then they say they are the best alone and worse with many,they also get deppresed if you bring an game console or any kind of item that is just an futuristic version of call of duty

They give you an .300 Honeybadger and an APS underwater rifle

They also say some things about smart fishes


Sleeping gas hack. Speaks for itself realy.