We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


Nice. On that note, enable burst-fire with semi-auto pistols.


Make dogs bites have a chance of contracting rabies.


In my experience, it’s the opposite. While constantly using anything with wires you risk getting caught up in them. After all, if they aren’t being used, that means you can tie them up or something specifically for the purpose of better storage, and, you know, not getting tangled in them.


Add a chance when moving adjacent to a furniture object while barefoot to stub your toe, adding a -99 morale moodlet and causing 10000 bash damage to a randomly chosen leg.


I’ve stubbed my toes many times, and I can tell you from expirence that you have vastly exaggerated those numbers.
It hurts, sure, but it typically only does 1 or 2 bashing damage.


True, but the absurd damage is exactly why it’s a terrible suggestion.

And on that note, Hypochondriac trait. All damage received is greatly exaggerated in the message log and you periodically receive messages indicating cold or flu but don’t actually get any of the effects of such. A small morale debuff may accompany each assumed illness.

Also, roughly 1/3 of all medicines found in the game may be placebos. There is no visible difference between placebos and real meds without high First-Aid skill or the MD trait.


The contents of syinges should freeze making them unusable in cold enviroment.


Ssh, don’t give them ideas!


A l4d style mod, where all zombies are feral runners and other specials are rare. Would make early game pretty interesting.


An automatic minefield deployment drone that moves around planting mines randomly.


“You’d never see them co-“ BOOM
Here lies the few recovered remains of Reginald Ivan Pierce IV. Exploded to bits by an unseen and unexpected land mine.


Alternatively, you could set monster speed to a high percentage, and lower their health. Then set monster evolution rate to a really high number too


Actually, I kinda like that idea. I might try sonething like that in my next playthrough.


Be able to slice open your beloved dog and stuff you head or hands or feet inside the warm corpse(is it dead yet?).

“Play dead fido! Good dog!”


Just make sure to clean it first. Don’t want it rotting away, or your play time will be highly limited.
Then you could have a dog costume made out of real dog!
If I recall correctly, one of my previous characters had a dog leather vest.


Ad a car called Lada and it has an special sound system called hardbass stereo system and when you turn it on all the zombies turn into gopniks


If you assimilate zombies with special abilities you gain them,if you had high enough skills in craft and stuff you can create special armor tk yout bizare body or even assimilate robots inside you and CBM’s as well,if you get serums you can get mutations and modify your bizare body and in time turn into the supreme being of the Cataclysm,also if you have enough skill you could use the arms of the body’s to use multiple guns and they have 0 recoil and stuff so you can go to a town wielding 25 Ak-47’s while shooting flamethrowers,preparing an mini nuke and beating the crap out of the zombies with an lamp post


Male characters cannot ask for directions, instantly die if they eat soy, and have a chance of receiving 999 pain from leg injuries.


Why not ask for directions? I ask for directions at least once a day.
Why can’t you eat soy? I at least use soy sauce a good bit. It can really help a meal sometimes.
Okay, the last one is logical.

Is this some sort of stereotype or something? Are you a male? I am.


Nor do they use power armor. Don’t need it