We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


Have to ask. If you are in the wilderness and go blind, how would you find bionic replacements let alone replace them?


If life gives you lemons, you use them as new eyes.


Obviously replace your eyes with bionic ones before your human pair gets mauled into blindness.


Not a good idea on its own. I think it is a great idea with context however.

A strike to the head could cause internal bleeding that only a autodoc or a CBM could fix. The symptoms would provide such comments and you would have to haul ass to a medical facility to turn on a CBM that would help heal the critical damage enough to set you back on the path of recuperation.

A snake bite could cause blood clots when to many bites are taken. Losing the function of the afflicted area until healed. So arms/legs taken to many snake bites won’t let you do stuff similar to the appendage breaking. But it doesn’t heal at all like a broken bone should. It would have to be something like a shot. There is one, just googled it. Here is a snippet:
“An injection of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), also called alteplase, is considered the gold standard treatment for ischemic stroke. An injection of tPA is usually given through a vein in the arm. This potent clot-busting drug ideally is given within three hours of the stroke taking place.” Perhaps risking brain damage and loss of motor function if not taken within the allotted time.


I think walnuts are a survivalist’s alternative to eyeballs. Healthy snacks in the ole eye sockets come in handy adding +1 volume. Try it. You’ll go “nuts” :wink:


Persistent and degradable joints. Joint pain


Numerically determined lung capacity, aka blood oxygenation count,


We should make it so everyone needs to read at least part of a book every week or they’ll become increasingly stupid and depressed.
(s)He who does not read books is a disappointment to the human race.

(P.S. If you couldn’t figure it out I’m not wholly serious)


Make hair grow, and once it gets long enough, if you don’t tie it back, it will impair your vision and you will sometimes accidentally get it in your mouth when eating, damaging morale and wasting food.

[As a person with fairly long hair (down to the shoulders), these things absolutely happen]


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It is correct. I was joke and we lost the topic of the thread.


As a person who has long pair past the shoulders, i can confirm.

I once even managed to swallow one of my hairs once, felt as if I was swallowing a razor wire. Very unpleasant.

Anyways, back to topic.

  1. Being shocked should make you spasm for a few turns, after all your muscles are doing a lot of involuntary movement.
  2. Add an evolution to Zombie Hulks and Skeletal Juggernauts, they are too easy to kill. Also, add Shocker Hulks.


We should give people the survivability of movie/TV characters.


Fire hulk, acid hulk, and feral hulk.


Necromancer Hulk, Zombie Master hulk…


So what I’m getting from this, is basically add a hulk evolution for every different type of zombie, ya? Swimmer Hulk and Child Hulk should be added onto the list too them.
(I’ve actually seen what could be considered a ‘child hulk’ in real life. It’s… not natural.)


Kill the Child Hulk gives you a moral debuff of 500

And a BioOperator Hulk, and a Scientific Hulk and a Soldier Hulk.

Also a Mecha Hulk who is fusioned to a ChickenBot and can fire lazers


Screamer hulk, which has implanted directional sonic resonators that can shatter windows, walls, and your own bones if you are too close. Crawler hulk that can move very fast due to its buff arms. Møøse hulk.


Woah, dude. A moose hulk is going too far here.


Rege-Hulk that regenerates even when pulped at twice the normal rate. (& Reggae Hulk for Crazy Cataclysm mod)