We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


Random Nuclear Ballistic Missile Blasts:

The Old Guard faction has finally gained access to NORAD and attempt to use the ICBM’s to neutralize the other-worldly onslaught. Whenever you’re anywhere near a city, klaxon sounds and insta-poof. Doesn’t matter if you hadn’t even seen that city yet, you were in the blast radius.


I think I am one of the few people that actually liked RE0. I would suggest not 100% leeches when dipping into water. While I have had leeches on me from tepid water. It isn’t so bad as 100% to get them on you.


Maybe in real life, but from what I’ve seen, video game leeches have impeccable ability to track down and latch onto humanoid sources of blood.


They are often called Children. But that is not the point :wink:

Fleas and ticks and other small parasites could be added. If not a critter specific, but a trait debuff when in trudging around certain areas. Such as a forest.

Some places round here have a ton. While other places close to a town or city have almost no tick problems.


Shaped Nuclear Charges applied to Mininukes.

Because giving a way for player to cause directional nuclear explosions can’t possibly go wrong, right?


I saw both of your comments and my mind fused them together for just a moment…
Ticks that shoot nuclear blasts out of their mouths if you try and peel them off.


Here is one better. Ticks that are mutants that when attached cause acid damage when attempting to remove them. Acid blood ala Aliens?

Standard ticks for a debuff as I already mentioned =)
edit: plus a morale debuff knowing the little f**kers are on you. I HATE THOSE things! >_<


Nah, I’d prefer to go out in a glorious blaze of nuclear flames rather than just melting from the inside.

Luckily, I once unknowingly went camping in a place that apparently has a crap ton of ticks or something similar and somehow nobody got a single one! We just not be very tasty to ticks.
Although I do know that mosquitos prefer me to literally anyone else in my family of over a dozen people (this includes cousins of course)


True. But it would add a good aspect to the woods if we had the mutant ones.


Back in my day, video game leeches just wriggled at you, trying to deal damage.


Yeah. Those things freaked me out when I was like 12. Kids these days are spoiled with good-looking monsters that actually DO things.


HAHAHA, I read their habitat to be “The Swamp of Just Nope” rather than “The Swamp of No Hope” at first.
I vote we add The Swamp of Just Nope as a biome in CDDA. It’s like a normal swamp, but has three times the creepy crawlies!


Kevin refers me to this swamp often. I am convinced it already exist. At least on the forum :wink:


Nobody said life was fair, so add random instant death. Small chance every turn, scaling with health, to instantly die or suffer serious long term/permanent debilitation from unpredictable acute medical conditions. Stroke, Brain Aneurysm, etc.

“Your left arm feels weak and numb”.
“Your face feels like it is drooping”.
“You feel dizzy”.
“Everything goes black as you have a stroke.”
View Last Moments Of Your Life Y/N?

  • When you lose all HP in a leg or an arm the limb is permamently broken and you have to amputate it to survive. ( Later bionic replacements optional )
  • Damage to your eyes permamently stacks, with each hit your view range decreases until you become blind. ( Later bionic replacements optional )
  • Certain huge enemies have an instant kill attack where they swallow you whole, you might get a few turns to struggle/cause enough damage to be spat out. ( Later bionic replacements not possible )


if that last one were to be added, I imagine strength would have to do with the success rate.
And maybe it would also be able to explode it from the inside Men in Black style.


“You spontaneously combust”
“You scream as your flesh melts off your face”
“At least you died in a blaze of glory”

You should also be able to randomly trip when walking, with a slightly increased chance when running. Very useful for your enemies, not so much to you.


So, I was recently (the last 40 hours or so) afflicted with food poisoning. It’s the most sick I’ve been in probably 15 years, and it’s been horrible.

Looking at Cataclysm, food poisoning is really, really tame. So, what I propose is a separate device, something physical, for players to wear. It would use electric muscle stimulation to provide horrible stomach cramping whenever your character is afflicted with food poisoning.

Additionally, there should be some feeding-tube style things that administer small doses of ipecac and laxative, so you get that true-to-life diarrhea and vomiting.

We could also extend this (torture) device to include small amounts of mercury, for simulating radiation poisoning.

It would be marketed as a ‘peripheral’, and we could revolutionize the way modern games are played. For just $49.99.


50% chance that any “scratched” car whose engine you turn on spontaneously combust.


90% change that splashing zombies with mutagen turns them into zombie hulks.


Perhaps backwards firing guns, But it happens to rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and “flammenwerfer”