We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


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It is correct. I was joke and we lost the topic of the thread.


As a person who has long pair past the shoulders, i can confirm.

I once even managed to swallow one of my hairs once, felt as if I was swallowing a razor wire. Very unpleasant.

Anyways, back to topic.

  1. Being shocked should make you spasm for a few turns, after all your muscles are doing a lot of involuntary movement.
  2. Add an evolution to Zombie Hulks and Skeletal Juggernauts, they are too easy to kill. Also, add Shocker Hulks.


We should give people the survivability of movie/TV characters.


Fire hulk, acid hulk, and feral hulk.


Necromancer Hulk, Zombie Master hulk…


So what I’m getting from this, is basically add a hulk evolution for every different type of zombie, ya? Swimmer Hulk and Child Hulk should be added onto the list too them.
(I’ve actually seen what could be considered a ‘child hulk’ in real life. It’s… not natural.)


Kill the Child Hulk gives you a moral debuff of 500

And a BioOperator Hulk, and a Scientific Hulk and a Soldier Hulk.

Also a Mecha Hulk who is fusioned to a ChickenBot and can fire lazers


Screamer hulk, which has implanted directional sonic resonators that can shatter windows, walls, and your own bones if you are too close. Crawler hulk that can move very fast due to its buff arms. Møøse hulk.


Woah, dude. A moose hulk is going too far here.


Rege-Hulk that regenerates even when pulped at twice the normal rate. (& Reggae Hulk for Crazy Cataclysm mod)


Each piece cut off a Stem Hulk becomes a new Stem Hulk given enough time. Butchering a Stem Hulk is a bad idea. Recommended disposal is righteous fire, and burn the ashes.


Here’s some more hulk ideas:
-The Incredable Bulk (Huge, green, muscular, and says little other than roaring and ‘BULK MAD!’)
-Hulk Hulk (The hulk evolution of a hulk)
-Plasma Hulk (Shoots railgun plasma energy blasts at the player)
-Nuclear Hulk(When killedexplodes in the same radius as a mininuke)
-Super Hulk (Even superman died)


Sulk: just sits around and pulls scowls at random things. Lots of hp. Chooses to sit in annoying places, like in narrow hallways so it’s pretty much a roadblock.
Vulk: has pointed ears and you can swear it says “live only briefly and deteriorate” before it bats you away with a double-fingered victory sign.
Incandescent hulk: lags out your entire game with a 3-overmap-wide field of electricity.
Grenadier hulk: spams mininuke hacks.


It’s funny that all this may seem like a tangent but it still is 100% relevant to the topic.


Add drunk NPCs. They get cocked off their asses and get eaten by mobs…no wait we have those a plenty already… xD

Getting drunk makes the player toon stumble. In function, the character directs where to go but the adjacent tile is where they stumble too instead?


Shoggoth Hulk - Smashes cars and buildings, eats them and splits into more Shoggoth Hulks.


You need rubber gloves to safely butcher acidic enemies.


Whenever you walk onto a tile where there are items on the ground you have a random chance to trip over them and fall to the ground. More items and/or larger item volume increases the chance.

For an even worse idea, make it so that standing up in a tile also calls for a trip check. Walking into a sufficiently cluttered tile could result in your character tripping over things continuously until they starve to death.


I tripped over rubble for a week until I starved to death.

How about surviving humans finally get a visit from aliens from another world? Only to see the “zombie disease” spread to them… zombies in space.