We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


Doesn’t count if you cheat, friend. People would do this legitimately.


Default world settings I imagine.


Varies. I don’t use them, but it doesn’t make things much easier.


Well, considering I could change up the loot drops, seems like it would help. Lol


The whole Pantheon is honor based, so it falls apart if you start looking to cheat the system without letting people know what you did, and if its ok to do it like that when it strains the boundaries.


Some people are legit and actually do all that crazy stuff, but not kidding honor based. It’s dangerously simple to cheat if the DEBUG menu. I only use it for testing or when I want to play around with stupid stuff.


Both of those are things under serious consideration, but without micromanagement.
Prep surfaces: at decent skill levels you would keep cooking implements and surfaces clean as part of using them, at low levels contamination would accumulate, making your food dangerous to eat.
Partial Spoilage: some foods (like meat) could have three spoilage levels; fresh, questionable and spoiled. Food in the new “questionable” category would have annincreasing chance of causing problems as it ages further.


I’ve played a game before where food spoiled and you could cut off that part of it. I don’t know how realistic that actually is, but it seems like a cool idea to add with what you mentioned.


I would like to assume that any “hand food”; anything you don’t need to cook would not require my toon to wash their hands first?

Like a pouch of peanuts or a candy bar. Even a uncooked can of soup?


I like the sound of that, I have 8 years experience in the food service industry and 4 years managing them, I know a good deal about food safety so I’m sure its something I can help out with.


I have only 1/4 of a year of expirence in food stuff. I mostly really know common sense (wash hands, no plastic/metal on hot stuff, etc.) and the base necessities to get a food handlers permit.


Raw meat on the bottom shelf to prevent cross-contamination.


not sure this belongs in Terrible suggestions anymore :stuck_out_tongue: with that said I would like to note that its aparently no good to ‘cut the moldy bits out’ when that is the problem, as the growth of the ‘spore towers’ is actually the LAST stage of its growth, so by that time it has actually spread much further and CAN be dangerous to eat… depending on the mold species, and how thoroughly contaminated the food is. Or so they say anyways…


Damn fungaloids…their reach is farther than expected.


I have two terrible suggestion:

  • Random foreing people (with other languages) and you need to know the person language to talk.
  • Books in other language random…and you need to know this language for read.


Gets a playboy…in Spanish…can’t read it. Lol


Implement realistic fire suppression. Different types of fire require different methods of extinguishing them. You aren’t going to put out a metal fire or a gasoline fire with water or the wrong class of fire extinguisher.


Cooking with oil
Fire ignites
Throws water on it

This is fine…




Pretty close to universal fire extinguishers exist. I know ABC Fire Extinguishers are common.