We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


Has anyone mentioned mimics yet?

Car mimics. You get in thinking, you know, yeah the seats are sticky but I need a vehicle. Then, as you head down the road you slowly get digested.


Feral blob cars in the wild. Wild.


I read a book series that had predatory cars and houses. The Nightside series by Simon R. Greene.


That moment you promise your car you’ll bring it victims if it doesn’t eat you.


Ah. I’m a big fan of the Dresden Files (Jim Butcher is probably my favorite modern author) and someone had recommended those books to me. Unfortunately, they also recommended The Iron Druid chronicles, which were some of the worst books I’ve ever read, and that turned me off to their tastes.

I have Something from the Nightside, so maybe I’ll go give it a read.


I’m reminded of this episode of Regular Show where Rigby watches a horror movie about a British Taxi running over its victims. Later, he starts getting stalked by one.


That is pretty hilarious. Lol


I vaguely remember that one, we need that kinda thing to happen in CDDA!

-You turn on your laptop.
-You begin to watch a horror movie.
-As the opening titles play you question why you had a DVD to insert in here in the first place. There were more important things to bring with you to the evac shelter, like your father’s axe for example. Or food.
-You scream involuntarily as a floating toaster rounds the corner
-“Wait, that’s not part of the movie…”
-Here lies Rilliard Iliad Pumpkin.
-He was mauled by a toaster.

-“That was one weird movie. Why did anyone even watch this crap?”
-You turn off the laptop and stand back up.
-You trip on a random toaster on your way to the armory.


looks back to see what you just tripped over, sees bloody toaster and a corpse

Bum bum BUUUUUUM!!!


“Oh hey a toaster, I really needed some more parts!”
proceeds to dismantle toaster and use the parts in other electronics, possibly also turning em into haunted things


Huge Dresden Files fan myself. I’ve read Iron Druid, it was just kinda meh imo. The Nightside books are great. They get better as the series progresses so don’t just read the first one. I love the setting and characters, but the author does have a noticeable tendency to recycle phrases.


vid spoiler

oh no. nonono he gave it the fist! WHat hapens! Did the world burn again!?!?


Integrate the putty server into the game and allow players to communicate with each other via two-way radios.


That’s not a terrible idea, that’s an awesome one.
I wouldn’t use the two-ways, though, they’re supposed to be for talking to local factions at some point in the future.
Instead I’d add in a shortwave radio device so you can communicate with survivors in “other parts of the country,” though I suppose it should probably hook up to an IRC channel or something, rather than a telnet server.


I did some digging and i didn’t realize that the multiplayer was still around. While you couldn’t interact with eachothers characters, you could hop on your shortwave and send out a message that a Fungal tower in coordinates( x, x) needs to be taken down. Anyone close by and equipped enough can stroll over and take care of it.

Or alternatively some fungaloid(read ex-survivor) could openly mock you for your fruitless struggles.


I just misread Stake Pit as Snake Pit. Now I want to make a Snake Pit We should have those


Yesssss, thisss ssseemsss like a ssssounds plan. Let usss hope it isssss added ssssoon.
Who doessssn’t love a good sssssnake pit?

Jussssst don’t fall into mine, getting rid of bodiessss issss annoying without armsssss.


The feral runner falls into the snake pit! The snake bites the feral runner for 3/5 damage X30
The feral runner dies!
The giant rattlesnake eats the feral runner corpse!
The snake pit becomes satisfied…


Leeches. Every swamp tile spawns them. Every step into swamp water can gain you leeches, any season.
You have to remove each one individually and lose a point of health for each one removed. You will reach critical leech lethality with 150+ on the body and then give two hours to spare to induce stage 4 hypervolemic shock…
Salt water is now a real b^%ch to acquire and early on skeletons can now be explained easily.
No similarity to RE0, may that story burn, burn, leach. Leech, leeches, leech. Leech? Old something awful forum members know what I’m talking about. The Dark Id turned that series into a joke for me, god leech 'em.