We make TERRIBLE suggestions and come up with horrible ideas (Round II)


That reminds me, what about the no barrel sawn off shotgun


Playing cataclsym DDA should require constant online authentication

After being it by any explosive, A player should have to make an Iron man-esc arc reactor in order to stop the shrapnel pellets from entering the toon’s heart and killing him.

Using mutagens should have a small chance of killing the toon instantly by developing the “heart failure” mutation

Zombie hulk should be able to throw other zombies at a target, including other zombie hulks.

Looking at depression memes on a phone should boost a toon’s morale by +10000.

The reality bubble should simply contain the entire Overmap, that way the game is more realistic!

a battle royale mode with infinitely reproducing dogs as the storm.

Kevin granade as the final boss of the cataclysm. Should a toon ever be powerful enough to beat him, he nerfs that playstyle for the sake of realism then kills the toon in its weakened state.


A perfect example of why I dig Over-Under instead of side by side. O/U would be nice and flush with the body. While that monstrosity would be annoying as hell to have holstered.

On a side note though. That barrel-less wouldn’t do a whole lotta damage without the pressure it requires to focus the shot.


You should be able to find a ‘Big red button’ in a house filled with video game streaming equipment, Inside the house you find a “Insane_(ly handsome!)_ Irish Man”, He will constantly shout “JIM PICKENS IS LOVE! JIM PICKENS IS LIFE!” whilst attacking you.
Pressing the ‘Big red button’ immediately Spawns another (Silent) Insane Irish Man and makes the song ‘Country Roads’ play as a hundred meteors destroy EVERYTHING In the reality bubble.


That sounds like a reference, but I have no clue what it would be.


Implement realistic inventory volume management. No more carrying around a 200L drum or something in your inventory by magically distributing it between a bunch of dufflebags, rucksacks, and backpacks.


That is not here just because it’s a hefty code to do. I even tried to convince a modder to port his mod with this feature into vanill, without a success. To much work he said.


its from 2 youtubers named call me kevin and rt game


I came up with a better inventory system a while back. It was debated and shot down. Everyone seemed to think having all the volume be sectioned would be a bad idea.

The only idea that may have been used was having all ones crap drop in a single go when the toon drops their back pack.

All pockets and pouches would have only allowed items able to fit in such areas. Anything in a backpack size container would had to be dropped to access it(like real life).

Kinda like how you can add a tool to a fire mans belt or a pistol to a holster.

Would work the same way. The player would toss all small “fast use” items they commonly use in the areas where it wouldn’t require removing anything as the backpack would.


Coat pocket (Lighter/matches) = the item/s would be added to the coat pocket and could be used instantly.

Fanny pack/Hip pouch ( more space; add more useful instant use items) Anything could be added like bullets or clips etc. Whatever would fit until full up.

Wouldn’t even have need of graphics.

Fanny Pack:
-more items
-yet more

Some mentioned it would be tedious. But no more than it would be if you really had to do it. The timing would be much more realistic too. You wouldn’t just instant;y have all those bullets that were jumbled in a sack figured out when something was trying to kill you.

If nothing else. You wouldn’t have people shoving shotguns down their pants and walk like “Hey man! I’m just happy to see you bro!” :wink:


Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode. Backpack organizing simulator: Or how I learned to count Dat-gummed pennies for fun


Actually not quite a terrible idea now that I think about it, but hiding inside of lockers like in Alien Isolation.


LeBron James randomly appears during Winter with just one query: “Wanna Crispy Cranberry?”
The answer should be clear.


Thermometers measure their own temperature instead of just showing enviroment temperature.

With the (still unfinished) temperature change items can have real temperature.
Currently thermometer magically shows the enviroment temperature.
Instead it could show the temperature which it itself has. The temperature would not change immediately with enviroment.


Particularly hard chemistry crafts can potentially fail spectacularly, burning you badly or releasing toxic gas among other things.

Particularly hard electronics crafts can do the same, electrifying you.


Before Power Storage CBMs became uncraftable, they used to use Plutonium to store energy (I’m assuming this is the nuclear version of a solid-oxide fuel cell or something). Make it so if a cyborg gets hit by an EMP, they run the risk of their batteries melting down and burning them from the inside out/making them EXPLODE SPECTACULARLY.


At least thier death would be a glorious one. Few ways to die are more spectacular than getting blown up in my opinion, cuz they are perdy.


That would be absolutely brutal lol, make it so you have to clean your cooking area or run the risk of potentially fatal food poisoning, same with leaving time temperature hazardous foods at room temperature.


Well, considering I have about 30 of em…that would be a nice size crater…lol


Only 30? Bro, in my day people would have six digits worth of Bionic Power.

One of the Gods of the Cataclysm challenge actually requires 500,000 power. Going to be near impossible now since you can’t craft the damn things…


Hold my beer…now where’s that debug menu…lol