Updated game, map looks very different

I updated the game and now my map looks like this

Im pretty sure something broke. BTW those red circular tiles are supposed to be roads.

You’ve written that you’ve updated the game, but you didn’t state which version you’ve played on and which version you’re on now.
It would also be helpful to know:

  • Your operating system.
  • If you use the third party launcher or the direct download.
  • If you have any mods active (my guess would be yes) and which ones.
  • What tileset you’re using, given that there’s a “tileset error”…

-Latest Experimental Version
-Windows 10
-Third Party Launcher

Since you still didn’t state the version, am I assuming rightfully that you’ve updated the game from 0.E to 0.F?
Or from one experimental version to another?

Aside from the streets and some other tiles that show the TILESET ERROR tile, did something else change?
For example, the house, river and forest tiles?

sorry, very out of it. Yeah, its version 0.f, ea0cd21
And yeah, pretty much all the tiles changed. Everything looks bold and in a different font. Also those grey T’s were solid blocks of blue with black T’s in the center of each tile, stuff like that.
As far as I can tell its only the map thats been messed with, everything else seems fine.

Ah, so it’s experimental, not stable.

I wanted to make sure that it’s not an issue with a missing mod (like graphical overmap) or something.

But based on your description and picture, it seems pretty much like it’s this issue:

There’s currently a pull request waiting to be merged that adds an option to switch back to the old ASCII overmap. Once it’s merged and built, this will be a possible fix, at least until the tileset is updated to fully support overmap tiles…

ah got it, thank you

Sorry for “hijacking” the threat but…

There’s currently a pull request waiting to be merged that adds an option to switch back to the old ASCII overmap.

Wow wow wow hold on.
So they originally just added the “tiles map” and completely removed the possibility for people to revert to AscII if they didn’t like it before both making sure this would work and that people would want it!? If so, why? Why not allow people to have the choice available between “New Shiny Toy” and “Simple yet effective way”?

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Welcome to the experimental release, currently in the most unstable part of the development cycle as we merge the backlog of features that built up over the past several months while we were making the stable release, stable.
Buckle up, we’re just getting started.


Well its indeed experimental, but introducing things with little to no testing due to the feature freeze still sounds a bit reckless, but okay.
I just hope that, at least, we get some performance tune-ups because the game’s been ridiculously slow since around the time the Game Launcher issue was fixed.

It was tested and it is working. We know which issues are still there that need to be addressed.

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Try using a different renderer.

saying the feature doesn’t work because you’re using an unsupported tileset’s pretty weird though.

I just want to say that a recent update has made the map look much better, thank you.

The only one that nearly worked - “nearly”, because the cities names were a fully black bar and most of the things were ascii anyway - was Retrodays, which I alternate between that and Ultica. So the tile sets that are available aren’t supported?

My question was more along the lines of why not keep it an option to keep the ascii map in the first place.

I’ve done that. It made a difference with 0.D and early 0.E.
I’m keeping #11581 (I think that’s it, actually, it was before the “Experimental Releases” became a thing) because it was the last one where I had fewer issues with.
I have a fully up-to-date build as well but the difference is very noticeable.

It’s due to an SDL update (the update is a symptom of changing build systems).
For most people, changing renderers solves the problem.

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Just checked with today’s build - NeoDays has exactly zero support for new tiled overmap, and it’s in default distr. Had been for quite some time, actually. I guess fixing it is as simple as copying corresponding omtile files from retrodays, but still.

yup, but the people who normally do tilesets have their work cut out drawing new tiles. i know fris is usually the ones to update the tilesets that are not ultica

The option is (and was) there.