My Overmap looks very unintelligible[HELP]

Getting into the game after a long hiatus. I thoughti would play with magiclysm. so i also included graphical_overmap and graphical_overmap_magiclysm mods. I was hoping for the overmap used by Rycon_plays(youtuber). How do i fix it? Any help is appreciated! Thnx

my overmap below-

Rycons map below-

Did you follow instructions in mod’s readme.txt? There are several manual steps to perform before the mod starts working.

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Ah ok. I have not, I’ll check it out and I’ll get back

btw where can i find those files?

<game folder>\data\mods\Graphical_Overmap\readme.txt
magiclysm submod doesn’t have one so I guess it only needs main mod running correctly

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The “default” map (on top) looks odd in that it mostly display decorated characters, while the one I’ve seen only (or at least mostly) use characters belonging to the ASCII character set. At a guess, a national character set may somehow have crept in to replace the one intended to be used by the game (Are you using a language other than English for the UI? If so, that might cause it, but if it does I expect it to be a bug). Unfortunately, I have no idea why and how to fix it (and you wanted to switch to a graphical one anyway).

I’ve definitely seen this happening, this does have nothing to do with the language.
This happens, as GiggleGrassGatherer already correctly stated, a thing if you don’t install the graphical overmap mod correctly (as it replaces the symbols on the map).

Actually, it doesn’t, and it does at the same time. Let me explain:
The “standard” ASCII, the American Standard Code for Information Interchange, also called US-ASCII, does not contain the road symbols found in Cataclysm DDA (┌ ┐ ├ ┼ ┤ ┬ ┴). These are part of one of the extended ASCIIs (EASCII) which Cataclysm DDA probably uses. The EASCII character set however also does contain ä à â é è ê ë ö ü and similar symbols.
So, by definition, they are still part of the (E)ASCII character set, just not of the US-ASCII.

The only way to “fix” it is to rename and move over the fonts.json file found in the graphical overmap mod folder.

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Yeah, the mod works by making a font that looks like symbols. This is kind of hacky, and I look forward to KorGgenT’s work on actual tile support on overmap view.

Yea its definitely clear i have not installed it properly, also I’m unable to follow the instructions in the read me file. Some of the files are already in there, so i dont know which file to rename and replace. I’ll stick to original one for now i guess. Thnx yall

There’s just one file that needs to be renamed and moved (replacing the file that’s currently in /config): fonts.json.txt
If you check the mod folder and the file is just named fonts.json but is shown as a normal text file, you’ll have to make your system show file extensions (google your operating system name and “show file extensions” if you don’t know how to do that).

Also, if the readme file states that you’ll have to move other files as well (map_font_LARWICK.png for example), you’re either playing on an old Cataclysm DDA version, or - if you’re playing on stable 0.E or newer - you have grabbed the wrong mod file.
If it’s the latter, try using the one that comes with the base installation.

hello, thnx for the tip! its working now, cheers

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