Updated game, map looks very different

Not at the time I’ve posted my response:

Posted: 5. July, 1 am (UTC)
PR 49586 Merged: 5. July, 3 pm (UTC)

It was there - disabling tiles disabled tiles overmap display.

I don’t think that’s what they meant… I’m pretty sure s-/he still wanted to use the tileset, but have the overmap in ASCII, based on what they’ve written.

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I don’t want people to misunderstand me: I fully, wholeheartedly appreciate the effort it takes for the contributors to give us all sorts of new features and I’m sure the tiles map will be really useful once it’s more fleshed out and all tilesets have close to everything made for them. My point was, as Valase pretty much said, that this could’ve been an “opt in” thing since day one - which is also true for many potential new features that may be introduced into the game soon - so players can ease themselves into them at their own pace. Or, in this specific case, give players the choice between keeping the old format if it feels more comfortable to them in terms of accessibility.

(I am one of those players: I have a much easier time identifying things by seeing the ascii character than I would having a tile set. It took me a while to get used to a tileset for the game itself and that only happened thanks to RetroDays for the most part, which allowed me to start using Ultica on occasion).

It was an opt-in thing - there was a switch that disabled tiles and tiles overmap.