Turrets Destroy Crops

So I set up a reprogrammed 7.62mm turret in the middle of my farm plot to work as a “scare-turret”. Unfortunately, while it has been quite successful in fending off giant mutated locusts, it also seems to be destroying any crops in the line of fire.

I would like to suggest making crops transparent to bullets.

Machine guns are valid foliage removers.

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Yes, but like 10 rounds should not destroy almost a quarter of a field.

True but machine guns can’t be good for them… I maybe set it so crops are considered size tiny you will have a small chance of damaging them :thinking:

I am absolutely fine with that. Its just kind of overpowered right now.

Thing is, a short burst from a gun shouldn’t hit more than at most one or two plant stalks. It shouldn’t reaver the whole field. Moreover if you’re setting up a turret like that, you could put it up on a crate above the plants and be safe.


That is an excellent point about the elevated turrets, you would have to have them high up just to see past the plants.

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Shoot the zombies over the plants.

Right… let me know how that one works out for you.

Also, cone of fire from dispersion, poor aiming and all that.

Speaking of which why don’t zombies trample crops… new terrible suggestion coming up

You monster. Don’t give Kevin ideas.


Too late:

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Well, I guess I’m going to have to build that wall around my crops after all. Or put a shitload of turrets around the perimeter…

Chain link fences will keep out anything below a brute with ease and bullets go right through them. Plus you don’t actually have to craft anything all you need is a working car and something to transport the wire back in.

Yes, that screenshot definitely applies to my field of onions, cabbages, blueberries, and tomatoes.

Seriously how does a machine gun even reave down a field of cabbages?

The term youre looking for is “beaten zone”. Now if youre doing this irl, you certainly could tune your field of fire to avoid shooting your crops, especially low lying ones.

When crops are short, I agree that behavior should be the default.

So, proposal:

  1. Short crops dont get shot by projectiles travelling through their squares.
  2. Tall crops get set to ‘small’ so they’re unlikely to be hit.

I like this, it makes sense.

One other modification I might suggest is that instead of outright destroying a plant if it gets hit, it knocks the plant back a growth stage? To simulate the distributed nature of a plant, and its ability to grow back.

I’m fine with locusts as a concept but I don’t think they should spawn from the crops themselves. It makes protecting the crops a complete crapshoot.

Question when they spawn from the crops do the crops get eaten immediately or does the locust eat it it a short time later?

It’s definitely not instant usually. But you’re virtually guaranteed to lose a few crops when one does spawn and decide eating canola is the first thing it should do with its life.