Mod Question

Is there some kind of mod that removes only things like turrets, tank droids, eyebots etc because this game is great but when you first step into a town and get shot by a turret in the middle of a town that also gives me the question, 1. why doesn’t it shoot the zombie cops or zombie soldiers and 2. why is a turret in the middle of a civilian village shooting civilians? It might be that they were put there to kill the zombies but then the eyebot is only there to hurt the player and completely ignores the zombies and only takes pictures of you as if you signed up for some modeling shootout. Too many times have i spent time making my character, looting the shelter basement, building makeshift tools to just walk 5 feet and then get shot or blown to pieces by something built by humans in the first place. It’s stupidly annoying and has made me give up on playing this for a year before.
So fed up of seeing 'The turret fires its smg!
From the south you hear P-p-p-pow! x 8
You were hit in the torso for 35 damage.
The turret fires its smg!
From the south you hear P-p-p-pow! x 6
You were hit in the torso for 22 damage.'
Then the screen that says you died. Then the kill count box that says 'You haven’t killed (or even seen) any monsters yet!

you could always activate the “mundane zombies” mod and “classic Zs” options during worldbuilding, but you wouldnt get zombie specials.

I tried that but then found the game too plain. I would make the mod myself if i had any clue how to or if i had any time to. Maybe i’ll get lucky one day and won’t have any problems with turrets.

  1. In lore, zombies are thought by bots to be animals; animals are not shot.
  2. There are turrets at roadblocks, which happen to be in village centers.

About the modding question; try adding a category on robots in monsters.json;
for example: “name”: “tankbot”,
… (meant to tell you to put “category” at bottom of string)
“category”: “ROBOTS”

Got no idea if it works or if you must define the category, but it should.
After that, make a mod, and in modinfo.json, define a monster_blacklist, with “category”: [“ROBOTS”]. That should work.

you were just unlucky to have it spawn so close. More often than not you can see the turrets before they can ever shoot, you have to be relatively close to them before they open fire. the thing with zombies is that they’re not ‘Alive’ so the turrets don’t open fire.

if you’re sure you want to pull them from the game I’d suggest this mod:

Edit: just looked, doesn’t work with turrets. but I’ll leave it there just in case. There are things far more dangerous than turrets, i assure you.
I use to remove demons but I think robots are included

Eh, did you turn safe mode off?

The only times I get shot by turrets is in labs. On the open world, you can just easily plink away at turrets from far away.

No mod for disabling bots yet, but it’s easy to write.

Take a look at existing blacklist mods in data/mods/, copy one of them and replace the blacklist with entries of bots. You can get bot IDs in data/json/monsters.json.

Bots are big noob wreckers, but without bots you quickly become immortal. Unless you turn on random NPCs, but that’s far worse than bots.