Dealing with locusts

I’m playing for the first time in a while and I was surprised to see locusts ravaging my crops! Is there anything I can do to prevent or moderate them? Right now it seems like they appear right on the crops so fencing seems pointless. At the moment I just have to hope I see them so I can go whack them, but that doesn’t seem a very sustainable strategy. Suggestions?

Yeah fencing is useless since they generate from the crops themselves. I keep a pneumatic assault rifle loaded with all my farming gear and gun them down. Obviously it’s a pretty stopgap measure. Alternatively some type of autoturret on a vehicle works fairly well so long as you don’t get something too destructive that’ll bust up your crops.

If you want to be metagamey then just plant everything away from where your base is and only come back when the crops should be fully grown and just harvest it all real quick. Locusts won’t spawn if they’re outside the reality bubble.

I’ve had some good success by putting a turret in the field, which will scare them away usually.

I recently put an NPC with a spear on guard duty in the patch with the most valuable stuff. They’ll still skim the edges to eat though.

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