Deonapocalypse tileset (Release 4)


This is a work in progress tileset for Cataclysm DDA.

The current version info:

  • 3 robot types and all otherworld critters have a placeholder tile.
  • All other monsters and creatures have tiles.
  • Smoke, fire, gibs, blood, bile etc. All fields are there.
  • 90% of map tiles.
  • Furniture.
  • Some objects (medical stuff, junk, spent ammo/shells).
  • All ammo types.
  • Vehicles.
  • Missing graphics were replaced by ASCII symbols (thanks to SirHoder).

Stay tuned for further updates.

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

This is awesome!

If only we could have an option that’d set the character’s sight range to the viewport range…

If you have a big monitor or plasma like I do, you may be able to do it :D. I’ve configured the uploaded version to fit most screens, but you can make the view larger if you want to.

Nice. I’ll try this later.

BTW you might consider placing the download link before the screenshots, to increase its visibility.

Sexy sexy tileset Deon, well done!

Hope you don’t mind Deon, I took some liberties with your tileset and added the new extended item list with rendered ascii text sprites for all the missing items.

I pasted your existing item definitions back onto the end of the file, so they are actually defined twice somewhere, but the last definition seems to be the active one.

With your 32x32 tiles, the full spritesheet is getting pretty huge (i added the items in at an arbitrary offset of 512, total file dimensions ended up at 512x3488). Don’t know if this is helpful for you, but it gets your tileset pretty much playable while you do your art magic on the missing pieces.

Dropbox Link (unzip, replace the appropriate files in the gfx folder)

Thanks a lot, and I think it will make it easier for me to put all item declarations in (now that I do not have to check all .json and .CPP files to find item IDs). Thanks a lot!

I could probably help you with making robots with MS paint, if you can use those.

I have a video up showing off the game with your tiles here. I definitely like what I see so far. Once everything is all figured out I will definitely be using these tiles when I use tiles unless someone manages something with black magic or what have you.

Edit: and the link goes to my video now…

Deon, I’ve always thought that you’re like me, except talented and not lazy :smiley: So many things you’ve modded and tiled are some of my absolute favorite games… Just wanted to pop in an early all-caps THANK YOU! For the badass tiles, and for enhancing some of my favorite games… I have some kind of unnatural man-love for you, and I must say so publicly!! MAN-LOVE. MAN-LOVE.

Seriously, though, thanks, and I’d gladly donate you some money, but I’m as broke as I am talentless and lazy, so damn :expressionless: coughdoitrichpeopledoit!cough

I’d at least suggest a good Deon-memorial item in Cataclysm…

Featured it in my LP series, keep it up mate :wink:
Shame i got royally boned though, spawned me in the center of a giant city twice XD

Its seems fairly okay, I have seen your most recent work in DF, however I still prefer ASCII over tiles as it is easier to discern what I am looking at.

At first I thought the trees and underbrush were part of the ground cover, but that is probably resultant from my partial colorblindness.

One thing which will probably never work is vehicles though :slight_smile:
Good luck trying to make those bastards look nice, they look distraught and ugly enough in ASCII, let alone graphical tiles.

As for the SDL version, it still runs much slower compared to the Curses version, there is a noticable lag in menus and while walking, anybody else getting this?

As I’ve said before, survivorcrafted vehicles should look ugly. They’re the product of ugly work.

Indeed they should, but they should not magically form gaps when diagonally orientated.

Yep, vehicles are my bane :(. I realized it as soon as vehicles were introduced :D. Of course they are one of my favourite parts of the game, so it’s a two-edged sword :).

Akhier, you should have grabbed SirHoder’s ASCII item tiles’ fix, but I will work on it more today and upload a more complete version tomorrow.

I agree with what was said about trees though, with young trees drastically slowing you down and regular trees blocking all sight and movement, the tree tiles really ought to be have more contrast. They blend in with the background a little much.

Great tiles, though.

Also, here’s the 3rd release while I work on other tiles. It includes SirHoder’s fix which replaces missing icons for items with ASCII tiles.

Sir you deserve to be worshipped by this community!
Keep them comming! Can anything be do e with the ? Vehicules

If you want to change the tileset Image and Json names you can. Just make sure to put an identical change to the appropriate locations in data/gfx.txt :smiley:

#Until multiple tilesets are implemented, there should only ever be these two entries
#in this file.

#JSON Path - Default of gfx/tile_config.json
JSON: gfx/tile_config.json
#Tileset Path - Default of gfx/tinytile.png
TILESET: gfx/tinytile.png

As long as the path given in this file is relative to the application directory it should work fine to change the names to whatever you’d like

Sir you deserve to be worshipped by this community!
Keep them comming! Can anything be do e with the ? Vehicules[/quote]
Vehicles are the same as in the ASCII game, it’s just hard to understand where is what until I finish the tiles for their parts :).