Those things you do

You know, those weird things you do in Cata because it’s useful/easier/RP. Post’em here.

I for one, take off my helmet before I go to sleep or do anything not in combat. I also carve names on things that have served me very well.

Sort all my ammo and guns into piles based on ammunition type.
Unload batteries from EVERYTHING, even if I don’t need batteries.
Take things apart at random (oh wait, I do that IRL)

He that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom.

He that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom.[/quote]He may also eventually be sued or raided by the corporatist run government. They sure as hell don’t want you knowing what’s inside your electronics and other gizmos, lest you discover that you no longer need to buy another iphone every six months.

I sort all the items I scavenge by type and usefulness in a large square around where I hang out. In fact I have accidentally starved because I was to busy organization a huge haul from my cart to pay attention to those pesky warnings.

When I really stop and think about it, the idea of standing my ground, baseball bat in hand, as a horde of zombies rush at me is pretty strange. But I guess you’d have to be there.

I try and kill as many Zs as are handy on just the one tile, then I butcher them all, grab what I want and light the rest on fire. Old DF mentality of junk objects making my game run slow. I also burn all the flags I can find.

I set houses on fire after looting them so that I know what streets I have gone through. I could place notes instead I guess but meh.

looting everything until i collect every item in building (sometimes i set home on fire for rock rebar and nail) i alslo name items what are special and realy like

Always always prioritize coffee. I will (maybe) pass up choice CBM’s or weapons for coffee if I don’t have any. And I’ll devote as much infrastructure as it takes to getting a hot cup of joe in a semi-civilized manner after I wake up.
I’m like this in real life too, but this isn’t even a valuable obsession, as usually I just dork around for a game hour or so in the mornings, so it’s a wasted stat buff.


I no longer have to leave pesky notes and can just leave behind a bad ass blaze of fire

I do this too, nice to see I’m not the only sensible pyromaniac around.
Maxim 1: Pillage, then burn.

I do this too, nice to see I’m not the only sensible pyromaniac around.
Maxim 1: Pillage, then burn.[/quote]

Damnit, I should set buildings on fire after I’ve gone through them.
Getting burnt because I noticed a item I want in the burning building is not fun.

I bury dead NPCs. I dig a pit, toss the body in and lay a rock above it as the headstone. It’d be neat if you could use a chisel or something to carve it.

Also, I collect everything.


Wait till a zombie is like 6 squares away before starting a Throwing Axe volley to at least give them a chance, even though I could hit him 25 squares away with them.

I put up my weapons, coat and backpack up when I get to my base. Feels more like home when I’m not carrying my gear.


The hell are you, Draven?

I do that.

Although it’s mostly because I’m always imagining whatever I do in cata as a animated movie. Normally it involves many many camera angle changes.

Also the backpack has to hit the camera when it gets taken off and thrown into a corner.

If i have a gun and no bullets, i carry it anyway. I don’t care about finding bullets, the thing is that having a gun makes me feel safe.

actualy a gun is decend mele weapon, 1 kg of wood and iron can and will do some harm to someone head