The 'need confirmation' tag in github

What’s the general guideline for handing out ‘need confirmation’ tags in github? It feels like one of the higher level contributors has been a bit liberal in its usage recently and I’m not sure how to think about that.

On the one hand, people might pay less attention to ‘need confirmation’ bugs on the assumption that they might be invalid, on the other they may pay more attention to them as they are an easy target for confirming or finding to be spurious.

Need confirmation tag means that we want to someone else aside from original poster to reproduce the issue original poster mentioned about. It’s not that we don’t trust OP, we just want to be sure it’s 1) reproducible, and 2) the problem is in the game itself, and not in OP’s hardware or software.

I’m mostly niffed because some of the stuff I’ve submitted would take, like, 15 seconds to confirm.

Just because its quick to test doesn’t mean people have the game in front of them. Easy enough for folks to watch the git and help flag things while say, working a dayjob.


“Need confirmation” tag means exactly what one would think it means - issue needs confirmation. Someone should go through reproduce steps and confirm issue is there.

That doesn’t answer why they are thought to need confirmation. I mean, in theory, every single issue is unconfirmed until they aren’t but the tag isn’t (or wasn’t) applied in great abandon.

That is the basics of triaging - someone reports the issue, then another person verifies and confirms issue is there. The thing some issues weren’t triaged properly does not mean other issues should mot be triaged.

That… doesn’t explain in the slightest what are the criteria for marking issues as needing confirmation.

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The definition is the criteria, we’re not in the habit of writing bureaucratic process for everything, instead we’re relying on contributors exercising good judgement.

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Why don’t new issues automatically get “need confirmation” status then, I wonder.

basically what they’re saying is:

someone submits an issue, they’re person A, they’ve had the issue and understand it to the point they can repeat it, and they submit their save file

person B see’s the problem in the code immediately and fixes it with a pull request

… alternatively, person C wants to make sure that the problem is with the game, and not with the code, so as to not waste person B’s time trying to fix something that isn’t broken. this doesn’t always happen, but when it does its just because person C isn’t trying to be person B, but is trying to bring more attention to it through a third party. (and yes, they may want to test it themselves but are not directly in front of the game at the time.)

a big example of this is when people complain about issues with the font sizes in game, often its a problem on their end.

But then you have things like this which are super easy to check, includes screenshot and don’t look like anything that would depend on operating system or computer. I, personally, would not consider this something that ‘needs confirmation’.

In that case it might be since that exact thing had a recent PR to overhaul how it works, so they want confirmation that it’s still an issue.

Please don’t take this kind of thing personally, for my part when I’m triaging issues I’m not generally even looking at who reported it since it’s irrelevant.

also, could be a mod issue… thats another reason to confirm.