Github for code a site for discussions - sorting for coders (and other things)

I’m not part of the development team and I don’t know how it works.

The view from the outside.

Unfortunately, like most people, when I first started writing on cdda forums, I wrote about an error, and it was quite simple: I went to and found a quick hint there: image

After the first error, there was a second, then a third (poor disparate development team), but one day, when I was a little confused about the game, I decided to make a small suggestion about how to make the game experience more interesting, and when I started writing about my proposal on github, I assumed that I would distract the development team from solving problems, which, in theory, should be the focus of the issues section, even though there was a tab for “Feature request”. In order to understand where to write better, I went back to the official site of the game, and everything was as simple as always: in the image above, in addition to issues, github is also mentioned as a section for suggestion, but I decided to also read the issue guidelines, I don’t know why. And when I read the issue guidelines again, which I read before describing the first error I reported on github, I realized why I was drawn to read the issue guidelines again -

here it was written about a certain forum, which I may have spent 3-4 minutes searching for, and all because I did not find it immediately here
, intuitively assuming its presence there. Then, apparently, when my mind finally returned to me, I found what was called a forum
and then published a topic on it. and even though I posted my suggestion on the forum, I saw a lot of people continue to do it on github.

Cemetery of ideas.

What is all this? Most of the ideas and suggestions on github now, and most likely in the future, are delayed due to a small development team and a large number of errors, and it looks like 2 or even 3 suggestions for each error that are reported every day. As a result, the issues section mostly consists of ideas and suggestions, which, most of them, are postponed forever.

I think it would be better to do the following: from now on, set aside github only for code, for errors that are worth working on, and for suggestions (keeping the existing “Feature request” form) that are backed up by code, as follows

I think this will slightly free up those who are looking for something to work on on github from ideas that are not yet ready for implementation in the game, reduce the time of those who put tags on topics and sort them for easy viewing of those who will work on them, and make github a place where the developer will definitely understand that now he will be dealing with code or with a bug, the code of which will need to be worked on, and all new ideas and initial versions of codes, if there are any, can be viewed on the game’s forum, which was already discussed (this forum).

To sum up, it seems to me that when the developers “allowed” to post ideas on github, and maybe even bugs, they did not realize how many of them they would have to face, and, consequently, what a huge sorting job, but, despite this, they, as if being ready for hard work, did not even pay attention to it, instead of making it easier for themselves.


  • In addition, on github it will be better to allow users to put tags about crashes, friezes, bugs, and if they do not know how to reproduce a particular bug - tags about the required confirmation. I think that users will put correct tags more often than incorrect ones, and those who put tags now will become much freer - they will only need to change incorrect user tags occasionally, instead of constantly putting them.

  • I think it is better for those who are as inattentive as I am to make a link to the forum at the very top of the official site page.

  • Also, I once posted a topic on this forum twice by pressing enter, and it wasn’t ready for release. Should I make 3 entries or an additional confirmation? :sweat_smile:

And yes, poor Kevin that too often is referencing on this forum, when issue described on it

I agree with that portion, but that’s - as far as I can tell - a problem with GitHub itself, with no way to fix… other than making a (pull) request to GitHub about GitHub?

Oh, don’t worry, the bot that was set up for this can handle it… I hope.

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yeah theres several bots on the github that will set everything to a particular state to organize it better… that said, theres more than ‘a few’ people working on the game as a whole, just that some of them are working on their mods on their own seperate github’s and junk…

i agree that its probably not best to use github unless you’re well aquainted with it, which is why i post in the forum, if i have a bug, someone likely has a solution, if i have an idea, some of the contributors are likely to see it, and mabye impliment it in the future if they go ‘oh yeah thats neat’

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Read the topic on the link: clearly. Well, another argument to go to the forums if you don’t know the code or it’s not a bug. Here the tools for communication are better arranged for this purpose.

Although, what am I doing, it’s better to move and the bugs here (adding a new section for bugs (on this forum), and if developers have nothing to do :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, they will come to the bugs tab on the forum, find something to work on, and will open topics on github themselves, possibly referring to a topic on the forum to close it on it) ((although, perhaps, users who opened the bug topic without visiting the forum will leave the topic open, and not marked as resolved, and maybe that’s why it’s better to leave the bugs to github; on the other hand, one can just ask, after solving the problem, not to write to this topic, and it will eventually be forgotten)).