(github help) fixing one last check but don't know how

im sitll learning how to use github and slowly but sure im getting to know how to make PR and submit issues thanks to guide available in here and Github, i’ve followed every single step of all guides and managed to get my PR pass the essential github check, but only one still failed :

so i need help on how to pass this check, so what should i do?

Assuming it’s a json file you’ve edited: Go here, copy the entire file, paste it in the box n hit the button. Copy the entire result, paste it over your file. Done.
Don’t look at what it spits out, it may make sense, it may not…but it’s what that check needs to be valid. It’s magic.

JSON check is all good, this one is PR related, Mlangsdorf has checked it.

Welp, I took my best guess based on the picture and a recent experience, didn’t have a link to the PR in question. nudge nudge wink wink :man_shrugging:

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XD that nudge and wink…

so i just add one last commit to the PR and the check goes green, it turns out i have to change my ###SUMMARY line to JSON-like style (###SUMMARY : (category) “(description)” )

now im standing by for all the checks to green.

Ah, that one got me too! Do you have any suggestions for how to make that ‘guide’ more understandable to new submitters? It’s been in the back of my mind to submit a version that makes sense to non-coders without relying on painstaking attention to detail.

in my mind there is only one thing i can describe to new submitters to pass the PR validation check :

“When submitting PR, add ###SUMMARY line with (Category) and (description) on the PR”

that’s all i have.

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Lol…that boils down to what I was told on discord: RTFM. Ah well, I’ll keep thinking on it.

ahahah XD sorry that i can’t give feedback…

good luck for you,