Github Question for non-dev

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So, before I do this, I need to verify that I am not pissing in someone else’s garden.

Is it ok to add issues and requests to C:DDA repository without being a dev or even a contributor? Am I expected to work on or assist any request made or does it sit until it is either completed or it stalls and someone closes it? Can others close the request/issue besides me?

EDIT: Oh yeah, do you devs just want me to stick to forums?

Anyone with a github account is welcome to open issues.
If the issue is a legitimate bug, it’ll stick around until it’s addressed.
If it’s a feature request, it will stick around until implemented if it matches the way we want to take the game.
There are a half-dozen contributors with permission to close issues. If an issue is closed, it’s usually after a short discussion that establishes that it’s not something we want to act on, or after a few months of inactivity when it becomes clear it isnt goingvto happen soon.

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