The most dangerous situation

Hi. Could you describe the most dangerous situation you have been in?

Between a hulk and a spiked pit, without a leg! I’ll make you realize the end yourself. It involves both things.

Trapped in time, surrounded by evil, low on gas.

But seriously, navigating a town with a thriller in it. Because said thriller decided to dance through a house. Which collapsed on it. Which killed it. And the five hundred or so dancers were very, very angry. I actually managed to escape that one.

Spawning a new character that was on fire, pretty impossible to survive.

Spawning next to a lab turret

Ahh, good ol’ 0.A

Oooh, I’ve actually documented this in one of my Discord servers. This was one of the most risky, intentionally-suicidal plans I’ve ever executed in CDDA. It was captured 7 months ago but I was able to bring it back up via the new Discord search function. Keep in mind I’m explaining what’s going on to people who never played CDDA, let alone an ASCII game, so my notes on the screenshots are (at this point in time) quite redundant. Apologies in advance for the terrible handwriting.

As a freshly spawned character, I was trying to clear an area out so I could start looting the nearest, 4-houses-large town, and not starve to death. I ended up running into a Mi-go and also getting surrounded by hostile mobs, and with no means to fend off such an attack reliably and nowhere to turn to I assumed the best course of action would be to make a clean getaway by distracting the mobs in making them fight each other. This is the screenshot taken from our chat.

What I failed to realize is how strong and capable of battle Mi-go’s actually are, and so the situation quickly turned to me facing off an uninjured Mi-go with nothing but a basic melee weapon and the default clothing my survivor spawned with.

I had no choice but to continue into uncharted territory, which meant going up north to the nearest shelter, an abandoned power plant. As I struggle to keep the Mi-go at bay, kiting him into bushes and trees, I notice a couple of turrets guarding a roadblock right in front of the facility. The plant itself was surrounded by a chain-link fence, which I could jump no problem, but the Mi-go could have no problem tearing down - at which point (had I approached the fence from the south) I would be stuck between two turrets and an angry, flesh-craving mutant. A crazy idea sparked into mind - I can’t hurt the Mi-go, but the turrets can. The turrets can also hurt me, but if I go down the Mi-go will go down as well (which is a win anyway because RNG screwed me over with the mapgen and playing the save was borderline pointless).

A new plan was born: instead of jumping the fence and attempting to bail out, I was to go around the plant, right up to its entrance, and let the turrets take a few potshots at the Mi-go hopefully killing it or injuring it enough for me to finish it off behind the fence. I was fairly sure the spot I intended to go through was in their range, and so that’s what I did; I ran up to the turrets, then jumped the fence in front of them. The outcome was far better than I expected it to be: not only did I not die (I managed to dodge all but one of the 5-6 SMG bursts coming my way), but the Mi-go got hit as well, aggravating it and turning it on the more dangerous target which happened to not be me. While I hopped the fence to safety, the turrets filled the Mi-go with lead, killing it.

I believe I ended up surviving the next couple of weeks holed inside various makeshift shelters healing my wounds, but the point is - I survived the situation, and that’s what the thread is all about. The injuries I sustained were quite severe but I managed to get away. Thought you might enjoy practical demonstrations of the situation and so I shared my only experience so far walking into turret fire and getting to see another day.

By some miracle of RNGsus I managed to survive driving a security van straight into a gas pump. Wish I’d had the presence of mind to take a screenshot – the explosion was quite impressive.

Granted, I died the next day because I hadn’t given myself time to heal the damage and got swarmed, but hey, I tanked a gas station explosion!

 Well, I can't compare much to some of you, but i think getting stuck between about 15 (literally) dogs, a zombie hulk, hospital turrets (why is that a thing?), and a hospital wall would go pretty well. I was actually trying to turn in a mission to a follower and well, got in that position by doing so. Of course, Forrest died.
 HOWEVER, he provided enough distraction from the dogs and turrets that i could casually headshot the zombie hulk to death with about 30-20 throwing sticks. (I had level 10 in throwing skill) The stupid dogs that survive were fleeing from me (for some reason) straight into the turrets!
Then... I ran away. Without so much as a bruise! I hoped I'd never be so stupid again.
Of course, the next day I opened a door to a house cuz i heard whumps and met a shocker brute as I opened the door! Somehow i managed to tank getting electrified and punched in the chest a couple times.
After i killed the shocker brute, i tried to run away to heal. I had not met a Mi-go before... And so ends Carlos - my suicidal follower - as I run away! Right into another shocker brute! I guess my death might have been karma for leaving my friend to die...

Of course on a re-spawn In the world I got a mission to kill a Jabberwock, that ended quickly...
I almost quit the game after I re-spawned again, not knowing that the Jabberwock had wandered too close to my spawn point and I died again! The end...

-Be me,1 year old survivor with full heavy survivor gear driving an APC
-see roadblock with two police cars and two turrets
-think :“hey, lets ram the turrets!”
-ram the turrets
-one turret explodes, destroying my windshield
-turret 2 shoots me, most bullets did no damage
-fly out of the windshield, landing inside a police car
-police car works
-drive police car
-ram turret 2 with police car
-turret 2 explodes
-police car i was in and second police car both explode
-not die
-go back to APC, loot the turret remains and drive off like nothing happened.

TL;DR : situation was dangerous, but heavy survivor set is fucking OP as all fuck

Opening a door in a vault and getting bum rushed by literally 500 irradiated wanderers and having to tediously kill them all to reach the exit.

Lighting a bundle of dynamite and throwing the unlit one in my inventory.

Not having any protection against amigara horrors.

Forgetting that i’m wielding a pair of jeans and trying to kill an NPC with it.

Gods of the Cataclysm challenges, specifically the J9.

Not one, but a few that I remember.

Probably when I willingly killed a Thriller, in an attempt to gun down the hulk horde. Managed to do it, though I had some worries as a wall of hulks were gradually getting closer. Still, very good rifles skills plus a good weapons with all the nice mods attached made all the difference.

For a more desperate situation, one time I was sneaking around a city at night. Opened a door to a house, ran into an NPC. The ones that run away without talking to you. Well, the bastard certainly felt cornered so instead of fleeing, basically the moment I opened the door he shot my survivor in the head. From full health to red.

Managed to run away. Zombies were closing in, but I slipped past… on the way back to base… and I forgot about the minefield. More damage, but miraculously no head damage, but a leg got broken.

Rested up, recovered, and hurried back to where the NPC was. Amazingly, he was still alive, so I returned the favor and blasted him to bits with a rifle.

I recently had a character spawn inside of a minefield (I never raise perception higher than 8), and two overmap tiles from a bandit encampment.

I also routinely have characters spawn inside shelters with shocker brutes 10 squares (not overmap tiles) outside of the shelter.

I de-buged 25 hulks around me. Pretty funny, as they kept punching me, throwing me against whatever hulk was at the other end. If i cheated myself thousands of health, i could survive until all my limbs were pulped, i had thousands of pain, and the other hulks started dying from me being slammed against them over and over.

Another time i was being chased by a hulk through a house. He caved the house in on me, iirc. Also, being stuck in an abandoned store with mediocre gear and a tank drone? Not fun…not fun indeed.

dangerous is way subjective

ill go with either:

  • ‘fungus arms’ Joe versus the coyote
  • The pharmacy that had 200 zeds on the other side of the wall
  • 0805 day01 jabberwock in the woods right outside the shelter
  • Jumping into a lab that was really a lava rift and being unable to die and accruing thousands of pain

It’s actually around here on the forums somewhere. When I first started getting comfortable with how the game worked back in 0.A, I set up a truck and started driving it as fast as I could get it to go. I forget the exact speed, but it was somewhere in the upper triple digits. I believe it is impossible to obtain high triple digit speeds now a days, but I could be wrong. Anyways, I hit a bush and the truck disintegrated around my character, leaving just the frame, seat, seatbelt, and controls sitting in an open field with truck parts scattered all over the place.

During the Great Gearing Revamp last summer, vehicle speeds dropped to reasonable levels and you didn’t see 500+ mph top speeds.

With the revert of the Revamp, speeds are back to being insane. I think my character’s touring coupe (4x5 light frames and a V8 engine on a 1 ton curb weight) has a top speed of around 512 mph, and you can get even better power/weight ratios if you want. A v12 unicycle should be able to break the sound barrier, at least theoretically.

There are a couple times where I ended up in sticky situations because of quirky game physics or a series of unfortunate events. The best I can remember was during the early 0.C experimentals when I cleared the area surronding a lab with a laser rifle, which inadvertently attracted the attention of all the surronding overmap hordes who couldn’t spawn due to me still being in the area. Of course I took a break and exited the game just then, which resulted in this mega horde pileup when I restarted the game later.

Also, not the very top of dangerous things I made my survivor do in the game, but there’s always been a slight amount of tension whenever I use an RDX charge.

Like, I’d think of some crazy stunt, like drop an RDX charge next to a fungal bloom while driving a speeding car, and often for some reason my survivor only barely makes it out of the blast radius.

I remember when I shot a deer in the forest to eat, and while I retreated back into my LMOE shelter, a mega horde spawned on top of me overnight.

I went outside to see what was making a ruckus (z levels on, go figure.) and got hulk punched into a fire that an NPC made by careless use of a flamethrower.