Most difficult situation you found yourself in

Not talking about being new and just making a mistake and running to town. prefer veterans who found themselves in really hard situations.

.8 release. jacked up zombie spawns to 4x and increased town size. ran into fungaloids rightoutside my shelter. found a gun on on a corpse. decided (stupidly) to start shooting. pretty soon the whole screen was full of fungaloids. i ran away. didn’t recognize what mines look like in the new tiles and died.

now the hard part: restarted in the same shelter with a literal SWARM of fungaloids. was able to run outside. grab a science badge i had on my dead corpse and make it to a nearby science lab for shelter. barely lived. massive fun.

What about you?

happened last night.

I was about 2 weeks into my character, I had all the stuff I needed to survive. Plenty of food and water back at my shelter across the river, and enough food and supplies in my inventory to explore for a couple days. My broadsword had claimed the heads of many zombies. I got my hands on a vehicle and after some judicious siphoning got my gas tank up to about 30%. I thought I had it all. I drove across a clearing and stumbled upon the outskirts of a town. It was nearing sunset so I figured I would just loot a little bit and hit the sack in one of the houses.

I wake up just before dawn and its still dark outside. I see blobs outside my window. I thought I would be ok if I could make it to my truck and peel out of there before I get swarmed. Lets just say there were way more blobs than I originally thought. They swarmed my vehicle to the point where I couldn’t drive off. I had slayed as many as possible but the blobs kept coming. Eventually I was defeated.

Remember folks, blobs are not to be trifled with! Also, methamphetamine is no joke!

Started a new game, Military bunker next door to the shelter. Died on turn one.

Three words: Naked in town.
In-game and IRL.

So it was my first time making it into winter. It was a… 0.7 experimental I think. It had the world size option, so I made cities about 8 big.I had just made my custom car, the former quad. As I ride into town, and me being an experienced player, knew that I would rack up hundreds of zombies (dynamic spawn). So I explored the innards of one of the cities that I explored (I went way exploring. Had a bunch of time on my hands), and found a bunch of parks clustered together. Cue huge kid/special/regular zombie spawns. I tried to drive through two trees in a park, but I had to fumble, resulting in the car stuck between them. Couldn’t burn them, it was raining, and one of the wheels were missing.

The horde was almost on me, so I left the car and ran, but took my tools for repairing my car which I always keep in a box next to the drivers seat. I lost the horde in a burning house and came to a wrecked car, took the wheels and returned to my car. Fixed up my car and took a few minutes to drive out of the trees.

Best life ever. Forgot how I died, though.

Down on 5 bottles of tequila and shining with my naked balls, I’ve decided to make a short run out of the tent to the bicycle to take a can of soup when wild bear appeared.
Guess what, I’ve got out by using the centipede style, but in the end I’ve wasted 32 first-aids just to stay alive.

Early versions before static spawn and my first few times playing this.
The first time I found a Remington 500 and a bunch of 00 shot for it in addition to an ak-47, I didn’t realise that firing would spawn an additional 20 zombies for every shot(not even a kill), managed to get out of the gun store at least, before zombies everywhere, literally like screen full of them in every direction.

In more recent experimental versions, flaming eye at spawn with a military base nearby in turret range…

That moment when you have thrown all your molotovs and realize that the ant queen is still alive is ugh…

When you are short in medical supplies and decide to raid the military outpost in the near night. You worry more about the pesky landmines than the zombie soldiers inhabiting there. Mission successful, but health is on the red. Wolf packs on the roads prevent you from calling it a day and shred your clothes apart, but good thing you brought a gun to this claw and fang fight.

I’m using large cities and double spawn rates, and I was leaving town after looting it all night with my Olfactory Mask CBM on, I had just run out of alcohol so I was powering it by eating clothing off dead zombies using my Internal Furnace when a shocker stunned me near a shrieker zombie when I was low on power.

My Olfactory Mask wore off shortly after the shrieker lured everything nearby, cue me taking drugs and running through buildings being chased by a dozen zombie dogs, several zombie hulks, shockers, a nest of angry giant wasps, and a single giant spider (Who showed up just to poison me, then ran away).

Currently I am setting buildings behind me on fire, throwing grenades everywhere as all the zombies I originally snuck past block my way out of town. The worst part is that it’s nearing dawn, so my periodic use of the Olfactory Mask won’t let me briefly dodge zombies and apply first aid anymore, so I probably won’t make it out of town alive, too bad that gun store didn’t have the right kind of ammo or guns…

In car, cruising into a huge unexplored town in search of rare books (electronics / computers). Ran over a lot of zombies, got hit with a surprising amount of acid and lightning which took away 25% of health. Went through the libraries, found the books, zombies kept coming, ridiculous amount of zombies for initial spawned game. Got bitten pretty badly trying to escape library, healed up but was wasting a lot of time. As I began to drive away noticed that night was falling, no big deal, kept driving real fast, hundreds of zombies on me (every one in the city seems to have found me). Whipsawed around a corner, two electric zombies (!!!) come into my field of vision and instantly shot me, passed out and car going around 40 crashed into building, engine totaled. At night, badly wounded, no car, 200 overland squares from base and with army of undead bearing down on me. It was a long run home.

Raiding a science lab back before .7, I was loaded with CBMs, weapons and armor, felt like superman.

While clearing out some of the lower levels I got a little carried away with my methods of handling mundane tasks. I never tried lighting ammunition on fire before and figured I’d try busting in a door with a line of 00shot, I wasn’t expecting much after reading about someone doing it here on the forums, I figured it would take a lot of stacked ammo to actually produce a nice explosion if anything at all.

The explosion had me at 1 bar of head health and 2 of torso plus the bleeding. rest of my body was pretty mangled and being big headed at the time I left most of my first aid gear in my wheeled fortress parked at the entrance. I Managed to stop the bleeding and proceeded to backtrack but every time I had to face a science zed on the way out I had to sit and think hard just to make sure I didn’t make any more stupid decisions, the acid throwing was so not cool.

Shit was intense.

I like how nobody cares that I added “Both in-game and IRL” to the fact I was naked in town.

Happens all the time man, not unusual to see random people naked in town.

Happens all the time man, not unusual to see random people naked in town.[/quote]
I live in a small town in England.
I have never been drunk, nor been high.
To be honest, I genuinely have no clue why I was naked.

Happens all the time man, not unusual to see random people naked in town.[/quote]
I live in a small town in England.
I have never been drunk, nor been high.
To be honest, I genuinely have no clue why I was naked.[/quote]


Happens all the time man, not unusual to see random people naked in town.[/quote]
I live in a small town in England.
I have never been drunk, nor been high.
To be honest, I genuinely have no clue why I was naked.[/quote]

Well, when it happens to me, its generally due to drunk or high.

Gamewise back when lightning strikes starting fires and before static spawn I had my fully decked out base catch fire. I methed up and bolted through the flames only to be killed by one of my spiked pit traps in the smoke when I got outside.

Wait, real life?
I have lots of stories, but don’t want to break your appetite for a week.

“I don’t remember using teleportation, but there I was alone… naked…”

Just fell into a sinkhole. All I had on me:

100 Feathers, 170 Sinew, a Glass Jar, A Flashlight with 49% Charge, a Bottle of Gasoline, 9 Bones, 100 Black Pepper, 4 Protein powder, and an assortment of junk.

I lucked out and found a dead miner in the sinkhole, and managed to tunnel into a nearby subway. Found an artifact in the subway and eventually tunneled into a tower block basement.

Now I know what you’re thinking, that was lucky, why was this hard?

I now have to get out of the city without any weapons and this damn tower block spawned in the middle of the city.