What are your most brutal deaths?

I just got torn apart from the inside out by spores and fungus, due to a breathing snake artifact. That isn’t what actually killed me though, I think I would of recovered too if I would have waited another day. But instead I went out of my base to find food and water and got killed by a horde of zombies and slimes just right outside. I could of defeated them if my arms wasn’t ripped to shreds by the fungus.

i ahd every bone borked one by one, then the npc reduced my torso and head to one health, every limb was borked, and buggered off and left me to die a slow death due to the rat that came by

One of my characters got killed basically immediately. The Evac Shelter was a long way away from the closest town or any building with a roof for that matter, and when I was about two-thirds of the way there it started to acid rain. I got to the closest house as fast as possible but I was still at about 90 pain.

And then there was a black rat inside.

It gnawed through both my legs and then ate my face while I was literally unable to scratch it.

Falling in one of my own holes that i was digging while escaping wolves, breaking both legs. Getting out just to get mauled by them.

Go flying through a windshield, barely survive, then get smushed by a hulk. Probably something like that.

Went into a prison, managed to take down the security bots, and then got my face pummeled by 3 hulks and even more brutes in the lower level.

Went flying through a windshield, got ran over by my own car.

fire and burning buildings. Let me tell you about the time I was using incendiary 40mm grenades to clear out zombies out from infront of a gunstore, then went inside, killed the zombie inside, and right before I got to the ammo, a flaming zombie got to it. The resulting cookoff incinerated the building, and one very unfortunate character who didn’t have a mask or a fire extinguisher.

Story Time!

While exploring a new city, a character of mine by the name of Chuck Norris (who was coincidentally my best character ever) spotted a little structure of sorts a ways off the road. Sauntering toward it, he found the entrance was a long hallway with turrets on either side.

Being the sensible guy he was, Chuck decided to put on his filter mask, throw one of his smoke bombs to block the turrets’ sight, and sprint inside to grab whatever loot was surely waiting.

… The smoke bomb did not work nearly as well as expected.

Halfway down the hallway the smoke wore off, giving most of the turrets a clear shot from almost point-blank range.
The next three or four turns consisted of Chuck desperately trying to get to the far side of the building while getting filled with bullets. He collapsed right at the end of the hall, absolutely riddled with lead.

(It was brutal because not a single turret got one of those cheap instakill headshots they’re famous for. Most of them were body shots, and Chuck took a LOT of them before going down.)

Nighthawk, I love your new avatar. Though, Shiro is my waifu.

Anyway, one of my most brutal deaths was when I was driving through a forested road with my newly-repaired beetle. Suddenly, a wild jabberwock appears. I was very well off, me and my pneumatic bolter. So, I tried to run over it at 45-70 mph. At 70, I was upon the jabberwock.o

The fucking thing stopped the beetle cold, busted my engine and a wheel trying to get to me, and pinned me to the groud while I despreqtly tried to get out. I died.

(Sorry for grammar errors, my phone sucks.)

Back when they were testing hordes yet with triffids and whatnot, I got mad at a triffid queen for ruining how my town looks on the map, so I drew a blade on her. The roots gnawed me bit by bit, sapplings slowed me down some more and then I added fire to the pot - a couple of Molotovs that missed the vile woman. She left the poor dude, as they usually do, feet-crushed, severely bleeding, to choke on his own merits.
I clearly remember lighting up a cigar when I’ve noticed there’s nowhere to run; just a few younglings to take down with me.

My character was sleeping in one of the mega gun stores when and NPC happened on by. My character was awoken by the smell of bacon as he LIT MY CHARACTER AND THE BUILDING ON FIRE!

But that didn’t kill my, apparently part dwarven, character. She got out and some rubble smushed the murderous bastard.

So, considering how she was now naked and badly wounded, she went over to her bike to actually use the emergency supplies I often die right next to (a rare occurrence). While she was reassembling herself with bandages and disinfectent, apparently a jabberwock decided it liked fire and came bursting through the burning rubble like the goddamn Kool Aid man before ripping my bike in half.

She managed to kill it with shotgun blast to the head.

What finally did her in? An infected arm from a child zombie bite after all her stuff was incinerated.

Went in a house and found a basement, tried to climb down and I was prompted to jump down…as a innocent survivor I just jumped.

It felt like this…It actually took quite a while for me to die. a horrible slow death.

Found prison once, cleared out the entrance, decided to take a nap in barricaded warden room.
Woke up to five brutes rattling their cages.

[quote=“trusty_patches, post:14, topic:7008”]Found prison once, cleared out the entrance, decided to take a nap in barricaded warden room.
Woke up to five brutes rattling their cages.

Those damn basement cougars.

All my face has frostbite, every single part of it. Then, a lot of wolves came to make all my limbs to I or I/. I make a campfire in a forest and start reading something while my morale was going down for the cold. Then, a Zombear apeared and kill me by making my head a pile of meat…

Delicious n3n

Oh sweet god, I think I have a very brutal story to tell you all, I just downloaded the latest experimental (Didn’t know you could climb chain link fences in FEMA outposts! YAY)

I started out, trying to make a stealthy character with Ninjustiu and Light Step, I went down the stairs in the bunker and I opened one door, and peeked inside (In case there was any basement zombies of course…)

Nothing there, and I started looting everything and got myself a hammer, which I called Blackjack.
From Thief of course.

Went to a huge city, and I went ninja in it.

Zombie was next to gas station, found C-4 in a house not to far away, Beat shit out of zombie with Blackjack, place c-4 down and set it to 500 turns, get into a office building, and start looting.

Three seconds later after looting.

You hear a large explosion to the East! x200


Started to sneak, when a huge hoard came and there was, about 12 Hulks.

Sneak through said hoard with a very lucky molotov.


It didn’t know I was there, and I just started laughing…

I actually managed to beat the shit out of the hulk without any other zombie detecting me, and I did it with 12 str. YES
Didn’t know how much I had in melee, it took about 15 hits, with a ton of dodging etc…

Got out al-

You hear a large explosion to the East x5!


Apparently molotov caused explosion, thank you cars with gasoline!

Turn c-

The other 11 hulks.

Get the shit beat out of me, but manage to get inside a strange building

Building turns out to be FEMA camp.

I start wondering how I manged to get in here.

Drink mutagen on a table.

Get str upgrade to 13!

Get Medi-kit and use it!

Hulks come in, beat the shit out of me again but I somehow manage to get out.

Activate a bear trap.

Get out of bear trap and hear hulks tearing down the forest.

Use Medi-kit calmly.

Activate landmine


Realize that you have no legs, arms, and you wont live.

Step on a shotgun trap after using another Medi-kit and getting shit beat out again by hulks who are down to three.

Have no legs, again.

Step on bear trap.


Cant get out for three days, almost dead from lack of hunger.

Hulks come.


Die of hunger before they kill me.

I had alot of drugs on me folks, and plenty of bandages.

Had my head 3-shot by a mi-go.
Those things do stupid amounts of damage

[quote=“trusty_patches, post:14, topic:7008”]Found prison once, cleared out the entrance, decided to take a nap in barricaded warden room.
Woke up to five brutes rattling their cages.

That made me laugh more than it should. Thanks.

Downloaded latest experimental and turned on static npcs as I was really wanting to check out the bandit camps.
Created my survivor, smashed locker, got pipe wander over to NPC.
Me - “Sup?” NPC -" Nothing" Me - “wanna travel together?” NPC- “Nah I’m good being a dickhead by myself” Me - “K bye”

Went over to open door, suddenly wild zombie child and wild regular zombie appear a couple of paces away to the east. No worries, dash outside to grab a rock to sling at the zombie kid and than dash back inside and post up at the door to commence zombie ass whipping.
Zombies come in with the regular zed coming first. As I raise my pipe to bash his head the NPC mutters “what is this? Fucking amateur hour over” and decides to FIRE HIS SIMPLE FUCKING FLAME THROWER AT THE ZOMBIE INSIDE THE EVAC SHELTER!!! So I’m on fire, the zombie is on fire and the evac shelter is quickly joining the party. I run towards the NPC while flipping him the finger and rushed out side before it all went up. So I’m basically burnt to a crisp but alive. Whew close call.
So I survived all that to suffer the indignity of being beat to death by an undead child outside a burning building in the rain.